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Turkish Music | Yeryüzü Cenneti

Learn Turkish with Turkish music.
“Yeryüzü Cenneti” by Erkut Taçkın

Video by Tozlu Nağmeler

Read the lyrics with the English translations.

Yeryüzü Cenneti

Söyle, haydi söyle. Tell me, come on, tell me.
Göster, göster nerede? Show, show me where it is.
Bırak eziyeti. Stop persecution.
Hani, hani yeryüzü cenneti? What happened to the heaven on earth?
Belki hemen şurada, belki uzaklarda. Maybe right there, maybe far away.

Dindir şu hasreti. Fullfil my longing.
Özgür insanların memleketi. The land of free people.
Varabilsem ben bir sabah erken. If only I could arrive early one morning.
Kavuşabilsem güneş doğarken. If only I could meet at the sunrise.
Nerede, nerede şu cennet, nerede? Where, where is that heaven, where is it?
Belki, belki daha ileride. Maybe, maybe further ahead.

Ay battı gene. The moon has set again.
Vay umudunu kaybedene. Well, whoever lost hope.
Say, say sen bizi. Count, count us.
Arıyoruz cennetimizi. We are searching our heaven.

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