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Turkish Whatsapp Course

Turkish Whatsapp Course

Learn Turkish yourself with Turkish Whatsapp Course online!

Turkish Whatsapp Course is ideal for Turkish language learners who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace with a Turkish language teacher who is available to help when they need.

What is Turkish Whatsapp Course?

Turkish Whatsapp Course is a self-study Turkish course program. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for the course.
  2. Receive short, practical Turkish lessons.
  3. Get online help while studying yourself.
  4. Learn and pratice Turkish yourself!

Here are the details about Turkish Whatsapp Course online:

Why Whatsapp?

Almost everybody is using Whatsapp these days and this way you don’t have to spare time to study Turkish yourself. You can study and practice Turkish yourself any time, anywhere, with short, practical Turkish lessons delivered with Whatsapp.

Turkish Language Levels

Turkish Whatsapp Course is ideal for new / starter, A1 (Early Beginner), A2 (Beginner) and PI (Pre-intermediate) Turkish language learners.

Type of Courses

We are offering 2 types of Whatsapp courses:

  1. Communicative Turkish Lessons
  2. Turkish Grammar Lessons

Turkish Lessons

Your Turkish language teacher sends you short, easy, practical Turkish lessons (images) and audios, so you can learn, listen, repeat and practice what you have learned.

How orten do I take Turkish lessons?

It’s up to you. You can choose to take Turkish lessons once or twice every day or 2, 3, 4, 5 times a week.

Online Support

Your Turkish language teacher is available online when you need help or have questions.

You can also practice with your Turkish teacher online via Whatsapp.

Please remember;

Your teacher is always available and replies promptly but he might be teaching or busy with things at the moment you contact him. He will for sure reply later when he has time.

Course Duration

There is no duration for Turkish Whatsapp Course.

You can buy your Turkish Whatsapp Course monthly as long as you want to continue to study.

Or you can take short breaks and resume your Turkish course when you want to study again.

Tutoring Fee

We are charging 40 USD a month, which is worth 2 hours online class.

You can also buy more months with a discount:

  • 1 month – 40 USD
  • 2 months – 72 USD (10 % OFF)
  • 3 months – 96 USD (20 % OFF)
  • 4 months – 112 USD (30 % OFF)
  • 5 months – 120 USD (40 % OFF)


You can try before you take Turkish Whatsapp Course.

Contact your teacher by email at or Whatsapp at +90 541 551 43 23 and receive some Turkish lessons to try your Turish Whatsapp Course.


You can buy your Turkish Whatsapp Course from Dem Turkish Center bookstore:

Turkish Whatsapp Course Starter / A1 (Early Beginner) »

Turkish Whatsapp Course A2 (Beginner) »

Turkish Whatsapp Course PI (Pre-intermediate) »

Terms & Conditions

Your teacher is flexible but please remember that:

  1. Your teacher is only available for online support (Messaging only), not calls on Whatsapp.
  2. This course doesn’t include online, face to face classes with the teacher.
  3. Your teacher is only available for online help related to the Turkish lessons he deliver sor Turkish language in general.
  4. Your teacher is always available for online support and to reply promptly but he might be teaching or busy with things at the moment you contact him. So give him some time to reply. He will definitely reply as soon as he is free.

Not interested?

If you are not interested in Turkish Whatsapp Course, we recommend you to take DTC Turkish Course (site membership). Simply become a DTC member, download any Turkish language materials for 6 months, 1 year or 1,5 year, study Turkish yourself, get online support / help from your Turkish teachers while studying and learn Turkish yourself!

For more information, visit DTC Turkish Course (Site Membership), buy your Turkish course instantly and start learn Turkish language yourself today!

Thank you very much for your interest and visiting Dem Turkish Center. Please visit Turkish Language Courses page for more information about Turkish language courses and classes online.

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