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Turkish Video Lessons 1 A1

Turkish Video Lessons A1

Learn Turkish language yourself with Turkish Video Lessons 1 (A1)!

Turkish video lessons are short, practical Turkish video lessons for early beginners (A1). Simply download Turkish video lessons, study everyday or 2, 3 days a week and learn Turkish language yourself.

The List of Turkish Video Lessons 1 (A1)

You can either download individual Turkish video lessons or download all the lessons as a bundle.

The list of Turkish Video Lessons 1 (A1) is:

  1. Introducing Yourself Introduce yourself with basic questions and answers.
  2. Introducing Other People Introduce people with basic questions and answers.
  3. Basic Questions 1 (WH- Questions) Basic question form in Turkish.
  4. Basic Questions 2 (Yes / No Questions Basic yes / no questions in Turkish.
  5. There Is & Quantity The word “Var & Yok” and quantity in Turkish.
  6. What We Have Use of the verb “To Have” (Var & Yok) in Turkish.
  7. Basic Verbs & Definitite Object Basic verb forms and the suffix for “The” in Turkish.
  8. What We Want Use of the verb “To Want” in Turkish.
  9. What We Want To Do Use of the verb “To Want (To Do)” in Turkish.
  10. Present Tense (What We Are Doing) Learn and practice the basic use of the present tense in Turkish.
  11. Where We Are Going Learn and practice the use of the verb “To Go” and the suffix for “To” in Turkish.
  12. Present Tense (Getting To Know Each Other) Learn and practice getting to know each other in Turkish.
  13. Present Tense (Everyday Routine) Learn and practice talking about everyday routine in Turkish.
  14. Present Tense (Habits) Learn and practice talking about habits in Turkish.
  15. Comparison & Superlative Learn and practice comparing things in Turkish.
  16. Likes & Dislikes Learn and practice talking about what we like or not in Turkish.
  17. Infinitive Of Purpose Learn the infinitive of purpose in Turkish.
  18. Possession & Family Members Learn and practice talking about family members using the possessive form in Turkish.
  19. Describing Location Learn and practice describing where things are (in, on, behind, next to, opposite, between, in front of etc) in Turkish.

Sample Turkish Video Lesson

View a sample Turkish video lesson (Introducing Yourself):

How to download Turkish Video Lessons 1 (A1)

Visit Turkish Video Lessons page for the list of Turkish video lessons and options for downloading.

Learn Turkish yourself with Turkish video lessons for self-study »

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