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Turkish Speaking Practice Classes Online Via Skype

Turkish Speaking Classes Online

Improve your Turkish with Turkish speaking classes online via Skype!

Stop learning and start speaking Turkish language with “Turkish Coffee Break”, Turkish speaking practice classes online via Skype, at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world – for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)!

What is Turkish Coffee Break Speaking Classes?

Turkish Coffe Break classes are casual Turkish speaking practice classes online via Skype for Turkish language learners, anyone, any levels, who want to improve their Turkish speaking skill and gain fluency with short conversation sessions (without any Turkish worksheets or lesson plans) while having a cup of coffee (It doesn’t have to be a Turkish coffee, of course), any time of the day, before work, during your lunch or after work.

Ideal for Turkish language learners who can’t find anyone to speak Turkish to improve their Turkish speaking skills. Simply meet your Turkish language teacher online, have a casual chat in Turkish and improve your Turkish through everyday conversations.

Your Turkish language teacher takes notes during the class and provides you with Turkish gramma, speaking, reading or vocabulary worksheets to help you learn the points you have difficulty in.

How we teach – How to practice Turkish

We don’t teach, we talk! This is the idea. All you need is to have a cup of coffee, have a small talk in Turkish with your Turkish language teacher, practice what you have learned and improve your Turkish speaking skill.

Talk about your day, what you did yesterday, what you are doing today, what you are going to do tomorrow, tell him about a film you saw, a book you read and of course, ask a lot of questions! Questions are good conversation starters.

Make a short list of conversation topics before the class would be helpful to have a better class.

How it works

  1. Decide how many hour you want to take and make a short online course.
  2. Buy hours from Dem Turkish Center bookstore.
  3. Schedule your Turkish speaking classes with your Turkish teacher.
  4. Get online on Skype and start improving your Turkish with your Turkish language teacher.

Trial Lesson

Do you want to have short, 30-minute trial lesson with your Turkish language teacher before your Turkish speaking practice classes? Take a short class, meet your Turkish language teacher, have a short conversation with him and discuss the details.

Contact your Turkish teacher by email at /, by Whatsapp at +90 541 551 43 23 or Skype at (Messaging only please).

Meet your Turkish language teacher

Ali Akpinar is a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study and Turkish courses & classes online via Skype.

More about your Turkish language teacher, Ali Akpinar »

Contact Ali Akpinar if you need questions about this Turkish language material, need help with this material or have problems with your download.

How many hours should I buy?

  1. Buy 1 or 2 hours if you need casual, short course.
  2. Buy 5 hours with a 10 % discount.
  3. Buy 10 hours with a 20 % discount.
  4. Buy 15 hours with a 30 % discount.

How to buy hours for your Turkish speaking classes online

  1. Buy Turkish Coffee Break, Turkish Speaking Classes.
  2. Meet your Turkish teacher, discuss details and schedule your classes.
  3. Get online and start improving your Turkish speaking skill!

What’s your Turkish language level?

Terms & Conditions

Although we are flexible, we have our own terms & conditions for our online Turkish courses & classes. Please read and accept the following terms & conditions before taking online Turkish courses. Thanks in advance!

  1. Our online Turkish lessons take 60 minutes.
  2. The lessons are booked at least 1 day before the lesson.
  3. The student pays for the tutoring fee before the classes.
  4. Booked (and paid) lessons are completed within 3 months from the payment date. Expired lessons are considered as completed, unless it is the teacher who is responsible for the delay of the lesson.
  5. The lessons missed by the student without a notice is considered as completed.
  6. The teacher waits for 15 minutes if the student doesn’t turn up at class on time. In case of being late, the lesson will be given and finish on time.
  7. Any notice of cancellation must be made at least 1 day before the class.
  8. Missed lessons are scheduled at a later date by the teacher and the student. Unfortunately any lessons cancelled without a notice will be considered as completed.
  9. If your teacher needs to cancel a lesson, you will be contacted at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson and this will be arranged at a later date. In the unlikely event of your lesson being cancelled less than 24 hours before the start, you will be refunded the cost of the lesson in full.

Thank you very much for your interest. See you in class!

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