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Turkidh Foods - Traditional Turkish Soups

Traditional Turkish Soups

Turkish foods. Most popular Turkish soups

Soups (çorba) take an important part in Turkish cuisine. A Turkish meal usually starts with a soup, especially lentile soup or a kind of yoghurt soup. It is also part of the typical Turkish breakfast. Soups like tripe, sheep’s head and trotter are consumed to recover from hangover.

Here are the most common types of traditional Turkish soups:

  • Ezo Gelin Çorbası A kind of lentile soup cooked with rice or pounded wheat. Ingredients are broth of meat, red lentile, rice or pounded wheat (usually rice) tomatoe paste, onions, flour, olive oil, blackpeper, salt, dried mint.
  • Cacık It is a kind of side dish or meze made with yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, mint or dill preferably but it is also very good to consume as a cold soup in the summer time. A cheap but delicious and nutricious meal of kuru fasulye (beans soup) pilav (rice) and cacık is enough to make Turkish people happy.
  • Domates Çorbası Tomato soup.
  • İşkembe Çorbası Tripe soup is a very popular Bulgarian soup in Balkan countries like Turkey, Macedonia, Hungary and Romania. According to popular belief, işkembe çorbası is one of the best solutions to hangover due to the combination of liquid, salt, vinegar, and oil used in the preparation. Ingredients are tripe, salt, water, egg yolks, flour, vinegar, garlic, butter, cayenne.
  • Kelle Paça Çorbası A kind of soup made from boiled sheep’s head and trotter. It is one of the solutions to hangover.
  • Mantar Çorbası Mushroom soup.
  • Mercimek Çorbası Red lentile soup. Turkish people love this delicious and healthy soup. It has two types. One is a regular soup, the other one is strained, süzme mercimek çorbası. It is one of the main meals you might come across on the menu wherever you go. Ingredients are red lentile, onion, potato, carrot, oil, tomato paste, salt, dry mint. Butter, red pepper, hot red pepper is used for garnish.
  • Paça Çorbası Sheep’s trotter, a kind of soup made of trotter, onion and garlic.
  • Sebze Çorbası Vegetable soup.
  • Tarhana Çorbası A kind of delicious and healthy soup made by drying a mixture of yoghurt, mint, red pepper, green pepper, tomato and onion in the sun and grinding this mixture to make the soup. It is believed that it was invented by nomadic Turks as they needed the preserve food for a long time.
  • Yayla Çorbası A kind of soup made with rice, butter, yoghurt and mint.
  • Yuvalama Yuvalama is originally an Southeastern soup but it is also very popular for Turkish people. It is made with chickpeas, yohurt, meat, eggs, butter, mint and some spices. It is usually served before kebab meals.

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