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Turkish Lessons (A1) 11

Turkish Lessons 11 (A1): Family Members

Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Lessons 11 (A1) for beginner Turkish language learners – with audios & answer keys!

Download self-study Turkish lessons for beginners including Turkish vocabulary worksheets, communicative Turkish lessons, Turkish grammar worksheets, Turkish reading lesson with exercises, everyday Turkish worksheets, Turkish questions (and other relevant materials) and learn Turkish yourself properly!

Self-study Turkish Lessons 11 (A1): Details

  1. Topic Family Members & Possession
  2. Format pdf worksheets and mp3 audios in a zipped file.
  3. How to download Download below

What’s in Self-study Turkish Lessons 11 (A1)?

I. LEARN through Turkish vocabulary exercises (new words in the lessons), communicative Turkish lessons, Turkish grammar worksheets – with audios & answer keys!

  1. Revision Do a short revision of the previous lesson (Turkish Lessons 10).
  2. Turkish vocabulary worksheet I Learn the new words in the lessons.
  3. Turkish lesson Learn and practice possession in Turkish language.
  4. Turkish grammar worksheets I – Learn the possessive suffix in Turkish language.
  5. Turkish grammar worksheets II – Learn the possession & cases in Turkish language.

II. IMPROVE through easy reading texts and stories with exercises and vocabulary worksheets – with audios & answer keys!

  1. Turkish reading practice I – Letter Practice the grammar point taught in this lesson.
  2. Turkish writing practice – Letter Write a similar letter to practice what you have learnt.
  3. Turkish reading practice II – My Relatives Read and study a text about relatives.
  4. Turkish vocabulary Worksheet II Learn new Turkish vocabulary thorugh matching, grouping etc exercises

III. PRACTICE through everyday Turkish worksheets, interview questions, tests and other relevant worksheets – with audios & answer keys!

  1. Turkish interview questions – Ask interview questions to friends and practice what you have learnt (Family Members).

How to study Turkish lessons for self-study

Download this Turkish lessons, study one or two worksheets every day and complete the lesson in a week or so.

How to download Turkish lessons for self-study

Check out the information on this page, follow the links below and download it from Dem Turkish Center Bookstore ( instantly after the payment.

1. Download Self-study Turkish Lessons 11 (A1) – with audios:

Download Self-study Turkish Lessons 11 (A1) from Dem Turkish Center Bookstore:


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Download Self-study Turkish Lessons (1-12) package (25 % OFF) from Dem Turkish Center Bookstore:


IMPORTANT: You will download Turkish A1 Course LESSONS (pdf) after the payment. You will find the download link for the AUDIOS in the package you downloaded because the audios are too big to store in the shopping cart. Please contact us by email at or if you have any problems with your download.

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Meet the teacher!

turkish language centerMerhaba! I am Ali Akpinar, a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books & lessons and Turkish courses online. Contact me by email at or by Facebook at Ali Akpinar on Facebook or by Skype at if you need questions about this Turkish language material, need help with this material or have problems with your download.

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