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Turkish Language Teacher Ali Akpinar

Turkish Language Teacher

Meet your Turkish language teacher: Ali Akpinar

turkish language teacher - ali akpinarMerhaba! I am Ali Akpınar, a qualified and experienced Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning materials (video lessons, worksheets, books) and courses for self-study. Learn more about your Turkish language teacher, Ali Akpinar.

About Ali Akpinar

  • Birth January 9, 1972
  • Profession Language teacher
  • City İstanbul originally & Fethiye, Muğla currently
  • Languages Turkish & English
  • Education Etiler Tourism & Hotel Vocational School, Istanbul, English Teaching Department, Marmara University, Istanbul
  • Experience Non-native English & Turkish language teacher for 25 years
  • Books & Lessons Turkish language materials on
  • Courses Self-study Turkish language courses on

What I am offering

  1. Turkish Video Lessons
  2. Turkish Language Worksheets
  3. Turkish Language Books
  4. Turkish Language Discount Bundles
  5. Turkish Language Courses

You can download these Turkish language learning materials instantly from Dem Turkish Center stores:

  1. Dem Turkish Center bookstore
  2. Dem Turkish Center store

Your Turkish language teacher is happy and available to help you learn Turkish language!

turkish language courses

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turkish language video lessons

Download complete sets of Turkish video lessons (discount bundles)

turkish language books

Download discount bundles of Turkish language learning books

turkish language lessons worksheets

Download discount bundles of Turkish language lessons / worksheets

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Download Turkish language learning materials from Dem Turkish Center bookstore or DTC store

Learn Turkish yourself with Dem Turkish Center video lessons, worksheets, books & courses for self-study.

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