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Turkish Language Learning Books Lessons Worksheets

Turkish Language Learning Books, Lessons & Courses

Learn Turkish language yourself with Turkish language learning materials!

Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language learning library, a Turkish language resource website offering Turkish language lessons, books & worksheets for self-study and Turkish language classes & courses online.

Here is how to learn Turkish language in a nutshell:

  1. Download Turkish Language Materials Download Turkish language materials and study Turkish language yourself.
  2. Get Online Support & HelpGet online support while studying Turkish language yourself.
  3. Take Turkish Classes Online Take Turkish language classes online to revise & practice.

Dem Turkish Center founded by Ali Akpinar in 2005, a Turkish language teacher from Istanbul, has always had one goal, and that is to create Turkish language materials to make learning Turkish easy and fun.

About Dem Turkish Center

About Ali Akpinar

How to learn Turkish with Dem Turkish Center

1. Study Turkish yourself.

Learn Turkish language yourself with Turkish language learning lessons (with audios & answer keys), books (with / without audios & answer keys) & worksheets (with audios & answer keys) for self-study!

Simply visit the Turkish language level pages below for the lists of Turkish language materials, download your Turkish materials with/without audios (pdf, pdf + mp3, epub, Powerpoint) and study Turkish language yourself.

How to download Turkish language learning materials

List Of Turkish Language Materials & Courses: A1 A2 PI B1 B2 C1

Download FREE Turkish materials for review:

  1. FREE Turkish language lessons & Books 1 (A1)
  2. FREE Turkish language lessons & Books 2 (A2)
  3. FREE Turkish language lessons & Books 3 (PI)
  4. FREE Turkish language lessons & Books 4 (B1)

2. Study Turkish with a Turkish teacher online.

Take Turkish language courses & classes online and study & practice Turkish language with your Turkish language teacher online.

Learn and improve your Turkish language with Turkish courses & classes including self-study Turkish courses, Turkish speaking practice classes, Turkish grammar practice classes, Turkish reading practice classes and Turkish writing (correction) lessons. Simply visit the level pages below for lists of Turish courses & classes.

How to buy Turkish language courses & classes

List Of Turkish Language Materials & Courses: A1 A2 PI B1 B2 C1

3. Study Turkish language yourself + with a Turkish teacher.

DTC.COM Membership is a self-study Turkish language course for Turkish language learners who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace with self-study Turkish language materials, online help and online classes.

Simply become a DTC.COM member, download all the Turkish language materials (books, lessons, worksheets with audios & answer keys) on our bookstore, get online help from your Turkish language teacher while studying yourself and take classes online to revise & practice what you have learned – for 1 or 1,5 years acording to your package.

Visit Dem Turkish Center Membership page for more information and details.

Explore Dem Turkish Center:

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