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Turkish Language A2 Lessons Books Courses

Turkish Language A2 Lessons, Books & Courses

Turkish Language Lessons, Books & Courses For A2 Level

Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language library and a Turkish language learning resource website. We offer Turkish language A2 materials for self-study and courses & classes online for beginner (A2) Turkish language learners.

We made a comprehensive guide about A2 Turkish language materials and courses on this page.

1. Turkish Language Learning Materials

DTC Turkish language learning materials are downloadable and printable digital products (We don’t sell books & lessons in print now). You can download our Turkish language materials as pdf only, pdf + mp3, ebook (epub + mp3) and Powerpoint slides (with mp3) in zipped format.

Turkish Language Books

turkish language a2 books pdf

Turkish language books A2 are ideal for self-study (just like all our materials) and includes Turkish grammar books, Turkish vocabulary developers, Turkish dialogues, Turkish questions and lots of graded Turkish easy reading books with exercises.

Did you know that you can download DTC Turkish language books & lessons individually or as a discount bundle (with or without audios)!

Here is the list of the Turkish language books:

  1. Turkish Grammar Workbooks 2 (Turkish Language Learning)
  2. Turkish Vocabulary Developers 2 (Turkish Language Learning)
  3. Turkish Dialogues 2 (Turkish Language Learning)
  4. Turkish Questions 1 (Turkish Language Learning)
  5. Turkish Penfriends 2 (Turkish Easy Reading)
  6. Turkish Biographies 1 (Turkish Easy Reading)
  7. Strange News 1 (Turkish Easy Reading)
  8. Anatolian Myths 1: Troy (Turkish Easy Reading)
  9. Anatolian Folk Tales 1 (Turkish Easy Reading)
  10. What Is What 2 (Turkish Easy Reading)
  11. Turkish Fairy Tales 3 (Turkish Easy Reading)

Turkish Language Lessons

turkish language a1 lessons books courses - dem turkish center

Turkish language lessons A2 are ideal for self-study because they have comprehensive worksheets, answer keys and audios.

Turkish language lessons for self-study are bundles of worksheets including Turkish language lessons, grammar worksheets, reading & writing worksheets, easy reading worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, everyday Turkish dialogues and interview questions to study and practice Turkish by yourself and with friends.

The structure of each Turkish lessons are very useful because the worksheets are categorized in 3 sections in the lessons:

  1. Learn Turkish through lessons and grammar worksheets
  2. Improve your Turkish through easy reading, writing and vocabulary worksheets
  3. Practice your Turkish through everyday Turkish dialogues, interview questions etc.

Remember that you can download self-study Turkish lessons individually or as a bundled discount package.

Here is the list of Turkish language lessons:

  1. Duration (For & Since in Turkish)
  2. Ability (What we can do using “Can” in Turkish)
  3. Obligation (Have To) & Necessity (Need To)
  4. Introduction To Past Tense (Past Verb To Be in Turkish)
  5. Ongoing Past Events & Past Habits (Past Continuous Tense in Turkish)
  6. The Past Tense 1: Talking About Biographies
  7. The Past Tense 2: Talking About Past Events
  8. The Past Tense 3: Talking About Past Experiences
  9. The Past Tense 4: City Guide
  10. Direct Reported Speech in Turkish
  11. The Future Tense in Turkish
  12. Plans & Projects (Secondary Verbs in Turkish)
  13. Asking & Giving Advice (Introduction to If Clauses in Turkish)
  14. General Knowledge (The Aorist Tense in Turkish)

Bundled Discount Packages

You can download Turkish language lessons & books for self-study individually and as a discount bundle. The bundles are:

  1. ALL Turkish Language Lessons & Books 2 A2 (with audios)
  2. ALL Turkish Easy Reading Books 2 A2 (without audios)
  3. ALL Turkish Easy Reading Books 2 A2 (with audios)
  4. ALL Turkish Language Lessons 2 A2 (with audios)

2. Turkish Language Courses & Classes

Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language resource website, not a Turkish language school in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya etc. Therefore, we offer Turkish language courses and classes online only.

Our Turkish language courses and classes are ideal for Turkish language learners who want to practice their Turkish with a Turkish language teacher online, wherever they are located in the world.

You can buy individiual Turkish courses & classes or you can become a Dem Turkish Center member, download Turkish language learning materials, get online help while studying and take Turkish language classes online to revise and practice what you have learned.

Turkish Language Courses

Take individual lessons or make your own short course.

  1. Turkish Speaking Practice Courses 2
  2. Turkish Speaking Courses: Turkish Dialogues 2
  3. Self-study Turkish Language Courses 4
  4. Self-study Turkish Language Courses 5
  5. Self-study Turkish Language Courses 6
  6. Turkish Grammar Practice Courses 2
  7. Turkish Reading Practice Courses 2
  8. Turkish Writing Practice Courses 2

Turkish Language Classes

Take casual Turkish language classes to revise and practice your Turkish language.

  1. Turkish Speaking Classes: Turkish Coffee Break 2
  2. Turkish Speaking Classes 2
  3. Self-study Turkish Lessons 2
  4. Turkish Grammar Support Classes 2

Thank you very much for your interest and downloading our Turkish language learning materials in advance.

Visit “Turkish Language A2” page for the lists of the books, lessons, discount bundles, courses & classes online ยป

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