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What We Have In Turkish Language

Turkish Courses A1 4: What We Have

Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Courses: What We Have (A1)

Dem Turkish Center is offering self-study Turkish courses. Download this bundle of Turkish video lessons, “What We Have A1” and study Turkish yourself with practical Turkish video lessons for self-study.

Learn and practice the use of “There Is & Have (possession) in Turkish language.

Study the lessons in this short course in a week or so.

Turkish Courses: What We Have A1

This Turkish course, “What We Have” is a bunch of lessons you can study yourself as a self-study course. Either download:

  1. The lessons individually and study yourself or
  2. The all the lessons as a bundle.

1. Download the lessons individually

The list of the lessons in this Turkish course is:

  • Lesson I There Is & Quantity Learn and practice “There Is (Var) & Quantity” in Turkish.
  • Lesson II What We Have Learn and practice the verb to have (var) in Turkish.
  • Grammar There Is & Have Learn and practice “There Is & Have” (Var) in Turkish.
  • Reading: Letter What I Have Practice an easy text about what I have.
  • Vocabulary Colors Learn and practice “colors” in Turkish.
  • Dialogue Shopping For Food Practice a dialogue about shopping for food at the market.
  • Question What We Have Practice interview questions aand answers about what we have.

2. Download all the lessons

Download all the lessons in this short course »

Visit Turkish Courses page for the list of Turkish language courses for self-study.

Visit Self-study Turkish Language Courses A1 page if you want to study these lessons yourself + study with your Turkish teacher.


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