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Turkish Courses Online Via Skype

Turkish Courses Online

Learn Turkish language with Turkish courses online via Skype!

Take Turkish courses online and learn Turkish with your Turkish language teacher. Our Turkish language courses are flexible and you will have the acces to all the Turkish language learning materials in your Turkish level.

Buy Turkish courses online, download Turkish language materials, take classes with your Turkish teacher, study Turkish yourself, get online help from your teacher while studying yourself.

Here are the details about Turkish language courses online:


When studying a foreign language, self-study is critical. Our Turkish language study materials are intended for self-study, but they can also be used in classes with a Turkish language instructor. You will have sufficient materials for self-study, study with your Turkish teacher and homework.

Turkish Study Materials

You will be able to download ALL Turkish language learning materials in your Turkish language level when you take Turkish courses online. For each level (Early beginner, beginner, pre-intermediate and intermediate), there are self-study lessons (worksheet bundles – PDF + MP3 and video lessons) and books (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and graded easy reading books).

Online Support

In addition to online Turkish language classes, your Turkish language teacher will be available for online help via email, Whatsapp, or Skype (emailing and messaging only).

Duration of Turkish Courses

The length of Turkish languages courses varies depending on the speed of the students. Each level could be completed in as little as 40 hours of online classes (depending on the learner). You will finish each level in 60 hours, more or less, if you put in 20 hours of self-study and assignments.

Online Turkish Classes

You will take online classes to study and practice with your Turkish language teacher. We are using Skype for our online classes. Please schedule your classes with your Turkish teacher.

Tutoring Fees

We are charging 20 USD / 1 hour. You can take 1 hour and take classes as you go or buy more hours with discount:

  • 5 hours is 90 USD (10 % OFF),
  • 10 hours is 160 USD (20 % OFF) and,
  • 15 hours is 210 USD (30 % OFF).

Try a FREE lesson!

Try a FREE online lesson to meet your Turkish teacher, have a 30 minute lesson and discuss the details.

Contact your Turkish language teacher by email at or, by Skype at or Whatsapp (+90 541 551 43 23) (We prefer emails or chat instead of phone calls because we are usually busy with teaching and may not be able to answer your call,) if you have further questions.


You can buy our Turkish language courses from Dem Turkish Center bookstore:


If you want to study Turkish yourself, we recommend you to take DTC Turkish Course (site membership). Simply become a DTC member, download any Turkish language materials for 6 months, 1 year or 1,5 year, study Turkish yourself, get online support / help from your Turkish teachers while studying and learn Turkish yourself!

For more information, visit DTC Turkish Course (Site Membership), buy your Turkish course instantly and start learn Turkish language yourself today!

Thank you very much for your interest and visiting Dem Turkish Center. Please visit Turkish Language Courses page for more information about Turkish language courses and classes online.

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