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Turkish Courses - Obligation

A2/3: Obligation

Learn Turkish yourself with self-study Turkish courses (A2): Obligation & Necessity.

Learn and practice obligation (Have To) and necessity, duty, advice (Need To, Supposed To & Should) in this short Turkish course for A2 (Beginner) learners. Download and study the lessons in this short Turkish course in a week or two, at your own pace.

PDF + MP3 and video lessons.

Download and study the lessons in this short Turkish course in a week or two, at your own pace.

Turkish Course A2, Lesson 3: Obligation & Necessity

This Turkish course includes a bunch of lessons in 3 sections:

  1. LEARN with communicative lessons and grammar lessons.
  2. IMPROVE with easy reading lessons and vocabulary lessons.
  3. PRACTICE with dialogues and interview questions and answers.

The list of the lessons in this Turkish course:

  • Lesson I. Obligation Learn and practice “Have To” in Turkish.
  • Lesson II: Necessity Learn and practice “Need To” in Turkish.
  • Grammar I: Have To Learn and practice what we have to do.
  • Grammar II: Need To Learn and practice what we need to do.
  • Reading: Letter / A Busy Day Practice an easy text about “Can” used for ability.
  • Speaking: Ordering Fastfood Practice a dialogue about ordering fastfood.
  • Speaking: Advice Practice questions and answers about asking and giving advice.

Download this Turkish course!

  1. Download this course (PDF + MP3 and video lessons) and study yourself.
  2. Download this course with online support / help from your Turkish teacher.

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