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Turkish Courses A2 Duration

Turkish Courses A2 1: Duration (For & Since)

Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Courses: Duration (A2)

Dem Turkish Center is offering self-study Turkish courses. Download this bundle of Turkish video lessons, “Duration (For & Since)” and study Turkish yourself with practical Turkish video lessons for self-study.

Learn and practice the use “How Long, For & Since” in Turkish language.

Study the lessons in this short course in a week or so.

Turkish Courses: Duration A2

This Turkish course, “Duration (For & Since)” is a bunch of lessons you can study yourself as a self-study course. Either download:

  1. The lessons individually and study yourself or
  2. The all the lessons as a bundle.

1. Download single video lessons:

The list of the lessons in this Turkish course is:

  • Lesson Duration Learn and practice “How long, For & Since” in Turkish.
  • Reading: Letter I’m Ezgi Practice an easy text about Ezgi introducing herself.
  • Grammar Imperative Form Learn and practice how to form commands in Turkish.

2. Download all the unit (video lessons)

Download all the lessons in this unit as a bundle »

3. Download this unit as a printable (PDF + MP3) lesson:

  1. Download this lesson as printable worksheets (PDF + MP3).
  2. Download all the lessons (12 lessons, as a discount bundle) in this level (A1)

DTC Turkish Course

Take DTC Turkish Course, become a DTC member, download Turkish language materials, get online help while studying, take “casual” Turkish classes online to revise and practice your Turkish.

Visit Self-study Turkish Language Courses A1 page if you want to study these lessons yourself + study with your Turkish teacher.

turkish language courses

Become a DTC member, download Turkish materials, study yourself, get online help while studying and take online classes to revise and practice.

turkish language video lessons

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turkish language books

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Learn Turkish yourself with Dem Turkish Center video lessons, worksheets, books & courses for self-study.

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