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Turkish Courses 1 A1

Turkish Courses 1 A1

Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Courses 1 A1!

Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language learning web site offering Turkish language lessons, video lessons, worksheets, books and courses for self-study for early beginners (A1). Learn how to study Turkish language with Self-study Turkish Courses 1 A1.

How to learn Turkish yourself with Turkish Courses 1 A1

With Dem Turkish Center;

  1. You can download Turkish language learning materials and study Turkish yourself,
  2. You can take a Self-study Turkish Courses 1 (A1) and study Turkish yourself + study with your Turkish teacher online.

If you want to take Self-study Turkish Course 1 (A1), here is how it works:

  1. Buy the Self-study Turkish course 1 (A1) from Dem Turkish Center bookstore.
  2. Download Turkish language learning materials and start studying yourself.
  3. Get online help / support from your Turkish teacher while studying Turkish yourself.
  4. And complete early beginner (A1) Turkish level in 4 months!

Please remember that self-study Turkish courses don’t include online classes with the teacher via Skype or Zoom.The teacher is only available to guide you when you need help or explanation or correcting the texts you write.

Self-study Turkish Course 1 (A1) costs 135 USD including early beginner (A1) Turkish language materials (video lessons, worksheets, books) and online support from the Turkish teacher.

The duration of the course is 4 months which is enough to cover the early beginner level.

Visit Self-study Turkish Courses 1 (A1) page for details and link to the Dem Turkish Center store to buy Self-study Turkish Courses 1 (A1).

Dem Turkish Center stores:

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