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Turkish Dialogues 1 A1

Turkish Books: Turkish Dialogues 1

Turkish Language Books: Turkish Dialogues 1 A1

Download as a book (pdf only or pdf + mp3) or video lessons for self-study!

Turkish Dialogues 1 is a bundle of Turkish speaking practice worksheets including popular everyday dialogues with vocabulary and repetition exercises.

Download Turkish Dialogues 1 as a bundle of printable worksheets (pdf only or pdf + mp3)!

What’s in the Turkish Dialogues 1?

The everyday dialogues in the Turkish Dalogues 1 are:

At the hairdresser, at the hotel, at the taxi, buying a plane ticket, describing way, evening plan, getting to know each other, inviting people, likes and dislikes, my home, ordering at a cafe, ordering at a restaurant, ordering and making appointments on the phone, shopping for clothes, shopping for food, weekend plan and more.

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How to download Turkish Dialogues 1

Download this Turkish language book as:

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  2. A bundle of Turkish language worksheets, pdf + mp3, exercises Download from DTC store »
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