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Turkish Bird Language

Turkish culture. Bird language in Çanakçı village in Giresun in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Have you ever heard something like “Turkish bird language” or “Turkish whistling language? Local people in one of the remote and mountainous northern Turkey village use an unusual and very efficient whistle language, called “Turkish bird language”, as a means of communcation. Turkish bird language has recently entered the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) list of Intangible Cultural Heritage but could soon be overtaken by modern technology.

The United Nations Cultural Agency has accepted the “Turkish bird language” of Black Sea villagers as an endangered part of world heritage in need of urgent protection.

The population of the village called Canakci in Giresun province is around 10,000 people. They still use this highly-developed and high-pitched system of whistling to communicate each other in the rugged terrain where mostly they cannot see each other.

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