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Traditional Restaurants In Istanbul

Traditional Restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul city & travel guides. Best traditional Turkish restaurants in Istanbul.

Discover Turkish food and cuisine in the best traditional restaurants in Istanbul. Turkish cuisine is not all about kebabs or Turkish delight. Visit these traditional restaurants during your Istanbul trip and discover what the Turkish cuisine offers.

4 hour Istanbul evening culinary tour with local guide

  • Ciya Sofrasi Restaurant, Kadikoy Ciya Restaurant located in Kadikoy fish market on the Asian side is a small size restaurant but big on potantial. Founded in 1987 Ciya serves food from different parts of Anatolian cuisine as well as forgotten tastes. They also have a kebab restaurant opposite. Did you know Ciya publishes a monthly food and culture magazine, called Yemek ve Kultur (Food & Culture)?
  • Sultanahmet Köftecisi, Sultanahmet Sultanahmet Köftecisi is a popular köfte restaurant with branches all over the city. The most popular menu is köfte (meat balls), piyaz (beans salad) and irmik helvasi (a kind of dessert). In addition to köfte meals, you can also have lamb and chicken meals. Sultanahmet Köftecisi is very popular for both Istanbulians and the tourists visiting Istanbul.
  • Kanaat Lokantasi, Üsküdar One of the most popular restaurants in Istanbul, Kanaat Lokantasi has been serving in Uskudar since 1933. They serve delicious Turkish food with a reasonable price. Kanaat is a very good restaurant if you want to try traditional Turkish food.
  • Yanyali Fehmi Lokantasi, Kadikoy One of the oldest restaurants in Istanbul, Yanyali Fehmi Lokantasi located at the entrane of Kadikoy fish market offers about 100 types of delicious traditional Turkish meals.
  • Lale Restaurant, Sultanahmet Lale Restaurant or the Pudding Shop located in Sultanahmet is not only famous for the traditional Turkish meals, but also it was one of the stops of the Hippy Trail of 1960s.
  • Haci Abdullah, Beyoglu Haci Abdullah located in Beyoglu is one of the classic Istanbul restaurants with best recipes from the Ottoman cuisine.
  • Karaköy Lokantası, Karakoy Karaköy Lokantasi located in the Kemankes Street in Karakoy offers home meals during the day and turns into a meyhane (a traditional restaurant or bar serving alcohol with meals)
  • Pandeli Restaurant, Eminonu Pandeli located in the Egyptian Market is one of the most popular restaurants in Istanbul. They offer only lunch.
  • Saray Muhallebicisi Saray Muhallebicisi, a popular pudding shop with branches all around the city also offers traditional Turkish meals.
  • Street foods in Istanbul

4 hour Istanbul evening culinary tour with local guide

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