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Things to do in Izmir – Like a local!

Izmir city & travel guides. Things to do in Izmir – Like a local!

You want to travel Turkey for your next holiday. You chose Izmir city to visit. Probably you are looking for the best things to do in Izmir lists to have a good time in Izmir during your stay. You might find many things to do in Izmir lists made from a tourist point of view but how about doing things in Izmir like a local?

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Things to do in Izmir – like a local:

Here is a list of things to do in Izmir from a local’s point of view to make you Izmir visit even more enjoyable:

  • Buy a Kentkart to travel around in the city.
  • Take a ferry and feed the seagulls with gevrek.
  • Have lunch at the Kemeralti and have kazandibi at the Sefer Usta.
  • Go for a walk between Karsiyaka and Bostanli.
  • Go for a picnic in Bornova, Cicekli Koy (village).
  • Take the Teleferik to the picnic area and to enjoy the lovely Izmir view.
  • Have a glass of tea in the tea garden in Inciralti.
  • Try Lokma cooked and sold by street vendors.
  • Try Boyoz and Kumru sandwich.
  • Try Cin Ali’s durum kebabs Cin Ali in Hisaronu.
  • Try sis kebab at the Topcu.
  • Try Sakizli (with gummustic) ice cream at the Rumeli Pastanesi.
  • Meet friends at the Sevinc Pastanesi in Alsancak and YKM in Konak.
  • Enjoy the view from Asansor Restaurant in Konak.
  • Try meatballs in the Asansor Restaurant.
  • Go shopping at the Konak Pier.
  • Go for a walk at the Kulturpark.
  • Try Izmir foods at the restaurant behind the Ahmet Pristina Museum.
  • Try Izmir kofte, kokorec at the small restaurants in Kemeralti.
  • Have a glass of tea at the pasaport.
  • Have a cup of Turkish coffee at the Meserret in Konak.
  • Have an atom sandwich at the Asucan.
  • Walk around Kordonboyu.
  • Visit Kizlaragasi Han.
  • Walk around Kordonboyu.
  • Go shopping in Kemeralti Bazaar.
  • Try local figs and sultanas.
  • Remember not to wear in green and red in Guzelyali, and red and yellow in Karsiyaka.
  • Visit the International Izmir Festival.
  • Buy hand-painted handkerchiefs.
  • Visit the old neighborhood in Kibris Sehitleri Street in Bornova.
  • Buy Gorece blue beads.
  • Have a drink in Foca (old Foca) while the sun goes down.

Enjoy your Izmir stay!

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