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Aşure, Noah’s Pudding

Turkish Dictionary. What is “Aşure” in English?

Aşure (Noah’s Pudding in English) is a kind of pudding that is both associated with a religious holiday and eaten as an everday dessert. It is made with water, sugar, grains such as wheat, chickpeas, beans and rice, and also contains various fresh and dried fruits.

Asure was first made by the prophet Noah during the Deluge. He had to mix all the food left in the Ark and made a final meal for everybody. So Aşure is a mixture of different types of food, both sweet and salty, herbs and fruits, which represents the unity of differences. Every year on the 10th of Muharrem (the first month of Muslim calender) this ancient tradition is celebrated as Aşure Günü (day) in Turkey and people offer Asure to neighbours.

Wheat flour, chickpea, granulated sugar, dried beans, rice, raisins (sultana), apricots, dried figs, orange. For dressing; currant, walnut kernel, pistachio, cinnamon, pieces of pomegranate

If you want to try Noah’s Pudding, you can go to Saray Muhallebicisi or Sütiş.

Afiyet olsun!


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