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Turkey History - History Of Cinema In Turkey

History of cinema in Turkey

Turkey history guides. History of cinema in Turkey.
When and how did cinema start in Turkey?

Cinema in Turkey first started in the Yıldız Palace in 1896. A Frenchman called Bertrand showed films by Lumiere Brothers to the Sultan Abdulhamid II and his family as his daughter Ayşe Osmanoğlu mentioned in her memories. The same year first public show took place in Sponeck Beerhouse in Galatasaray. The first film was “l’Arrivee d’un train en gare de la Ciotat” by Lumier Brothers in 1895. Cambon, a Frenchman and Sigmund Weinberg, a Jewish man from Romania continued the public movie shows at the pubs and the theatre halls. In the mean time Lumier Brothers’ cameramen came to Turkey and took films in Istanbul and other parts of the Empire. These were the first films made in Turkey.

Sigmund Weinberg opened the first movie Hall in Tepebaşı, Taksim. The name of the hall was Pathe Sineması because Weinberg was the representative of the famous French company Pathe Freres. Immediately after new movie halls opened in Beyoğlu and Şehzadebaşı.

Did you know?

  • Cinematograph was first shown by the magician Bernard for Sultan Abdulhamit II in the Yıldız Palace.
  • The first public cinema show was made by Weinberg at the Sponeck Beerhouse in Galatasaray in 1897.
  • The first movie theatre was opened in Fevziye Kıraathanesi in Şehzadebaşı.

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