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Istanbul Photos

Best places to take photos in Istanbul

Istanbul city & travel guides. Best places to take photos on the Asian side of Istanbul.

You are visiting Istanbul and you like taking photos. Then you are in the right city, because Istanbul is a great opportunity for taking photos with all those geography, history, climate, colours, people, lifestyle, streets, contrasts, even weird things which you might not come across in other cities of the world.

Here are the best places to take photos in Istanbul on the Asian Side.

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Best Places To Take Photos in Istanbul – Asian Side

  • Moda, Kadikoy Moda is one of the nicest parts of the Asian side. You can walk there from Kadikoy or take the tram after you get off the ferry. It has a very nice view of the old city of Istanbul and the south coast up to Bakirkoy as well as the view of the Fenerbahce cove, marina and the Prince’s islands.
  • Aya Yorgi Hill, Buyukada Aya Yorgi is an Orthodox church located on the highest hill on Buyukada, the biggest island of the Princes’ Islands. It takes a bit long to walk up there but it is worth seeing the old buildings peculiar to the island architecture while walking. Or you can take a fayton, phaeton, a horse – drawn carriage to the hill. It has a spectacular view of the city and the other islands.
  • Salacak & Maiden Tower, Üsküdar Salacak is the area between Harem and Uskudar. Because it is right opposite the old city on the European side, it is one of the great parts of the city to take panaromic photos of the historical peninsula, especially the silhouette and the sunset over the city. You can sit at the cafes and enjoy the view or take the boat to the Maiden Tower from Salacak.
  • Fethi Pasa Korusu in Kuzguncuk, Üskudar After Salacak or Maiden Tower you can walk 15 minutes to Uskudar and take a bus, dolmus or walk another 15 minutes to get to Fethi Pasa Korusu to the north of Uskudar. Fethi Pasa Korusu (koru = woods) facing Yildiz Park on the European side has a very nice view of the palaces, the Bosphorus Bridge and the silhouette of the tall buldings in Levent.
  • Nakkastepe near the first bridge in Beylerbeyi, Üsküdar From Fethi Pasa Korusu, you can walk to Nakkastepe near Beylerbeyi to take photos of the bridge and northern part of the Bosphorus.
  • Camlica Hill, Üsküdar Camlica Tepesi (tepe = hill) is one of the highest parts of the city viewing the Bosphorus. You can get to Camlica by bus from Uskudar or bus from Nakkastepe to Altunizade and another bus or dolmus from Altunizade to Camlica.
  • Sevda Hill in Anadoluhisari, Beykoz You can get to Sevda Tepesi in Anadoluhisarı or Yıldız Tepe in Anadoluhisarı by bus or dolmus from Uskudar or on the coast road.
  • Yoros Kalesi in Anadolukavagi, Beykoz Yoros Kalesi (kale = fortress) is an old Genoese fortress in Anadolukavagi. You can get to Anadolukavagi by ferry, Bosphorus ferry from Eminonu. You need to walk up to the fortress which has a spectacular view of the north side of the Bosphorus, the Black Sea and the European side opposite.

Other than these places, one of the best way to take Istanbul photos is, of course, to take a ferry and take nice photos of both sides. Enjoy!

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