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Ancient City Of Troy

Turkey travel & history guides. Ancient city of Troy, Çanakkale

Ancient city of Troy located near the Dardanelles Strait is one of the must-see places to visit in Canakkale city along with the popular tourist destinations Bozcaada, Assos and Gallipoli.

Today’s touristic ruins of the ancient city of Troy was once a lively cultural capital and the center of the kingdom centuries ago featured in the well-known stories Iliad and Odyssey by Homer, as the main battlefield of the Trojan War.

Troy is one of the biggest attractions and must-see places to visit if you are traveling Turkey. You can take a tour of the ancient city of Troy, learn about the significance of Troy in Greek mythology, learn about the different eras of this fascinating settlement and of course, see the famous Trojan Horse statues, one of which is a symbolic wooden horse made in the 70’s located in the ancient area and the other one is the movie-famous Trojan Horse donated to the city of Canakkale.

Here is the rough guide of Troy before you take a tour to this famous ancient city featured in Greek mythology.

Foundation Of Troy

Troy founded in 3000 B.C. was demolished and reconstructed nine times until 500 A.D. The legendary founder of the city was Ilus, the son of Tros. The son and successor of Ilus was Laomedon, who was slain by the hero Hercules when Hercules captured the city. During the reign of Laomedon’s son Priam occurred the celebrated Trojan War, which resulted in the capture and destruction of the city.

Trojan War

The Trojan war was the first war in the world between the east and the west and it took place in Troy in 1200 B.C. During this war many people came to the aid of Troy from various places of Anatolia, but because of the trick of the “Wooden Horse”, the city fell and Troy was burnt and destroyed. The Trojans who could save themselves from this massacre, built their city over again and kept on living there. Troy VIII. which followed Troy VII, acquired the properties of the Hellenistic period, and Troy IX became the Troy of the Roman period.

Discovery Of Troy

For many years people believed that it was a city mentioned only in the tales and legends until it was first discovered in 1822 by Charles McLaren. In the late 19th century, the area was excavated by the German Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann who stole the treasure of Troy and damaged the site.

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