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Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language learning library, a Turkish language resource website offering Turkish language lessons, books & worksheets for self-study and Turkish language classes & courses online.

Dem Turkish Center founded in 2005 by Ali Akpınar, a Turkish language teacher from Istanbul, has always had one goal, and that is to create Turkish language learning materials to make learning Turkish language easy and fun.

Merhaba. I’m Ali Akpinar, the founder of Dem Turkish Center. I am a Turkish language teacher from Istanbul. I am offering self-study Turkish language materials because I believe that studying yourself before practising with other speakers is very important when learning a foreign language. Therefore I am creating Turkish language books, easy readers, lessons and worksheets for self-study – with/without audios & answer keys.

What Dem Turkish Center offer

Dem Turkish Center offers downloadable and printable Turkish language learning lessons & books and Turkish language courses & classes online.

Our Turkish language learning materials are digital products including pdf (printable books, lessons, worksheets), png (printable covers if you would like the print the books), mp3 (books, lessons & worksheets with audios), ebooks (epub) or Powerpoint slides which you can download in zipped format.

What’s your Turkish language level?

Find your level and visit the pages below for lists of materials and courses:

turkish a1 level lessons books courses
turkish a2 level lessons books courses
turkish preintermediate level lessons books courses
turkish b1 level lessons books courses
turkish b2 level lessons books courses
turkish c1 level lessons books courses

Download short, practical Turkish video lessons for self-study!

How to download Turkish language learning materials

Downloading Dem Turkish Center Turkish language learning materials is very easy. Simply:

  1. Check out the lists of Turkish language materials and courses at A1 A2 PI B1 B2 C1 and find your materials.
  2. Visit Dem Turkish Center Bookstore where we use to sell our Turkish language learning materials and courses & classes,
  3. Add the products to the shopping cart and fill in the form in the shopping cart cart page,
  4. Pay online by your credit card using payment page, a secure online payment service in Turkey (You don’t need to sign up at,
  5. Download your Turkish language learning materials instantly after completing the payment.
  6. You will return to download page to download your order instantly. You will also receive an email to download your products.

Discounts You Can Use

We offer discounts for both new Turkish language learners and current learners. You can use the discounts below at the checkout before downloading your Turkish language materials:

  1. 10 % Discount You will see a popup box when you first enter the store including a 10 % welcoming discount.
  2. 20 % Discount When you buy a product from our store, you will receive some emails including a “Thank you” letter from us with a 20 % discount for your future purchases.
  3. BUY1GET1 Discount Add to cart 2 products and add “BUY1GET1” code in the discount code form during the checkout and download one of the products FREE. This code can be used only once.
  4. Discount Packages Beside discount codes you can use during the checkout, you can also download discount packages with 25, 30 or 40 % discount. Visit the list pages for discount packages.
  5. DTC Membership DTC Membershiop is a self-study Turkish language program for Turkish language learners who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace with self-study Turkish language materials, get online help while studying and take online classes with a Turkish language teacher to revise & practice what they have studied. For details visit DTC Membership page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked two questions:

1. Is Dem Turkish Center a language school? Where is it located?

Dem Turkish Center isn’t a language school. DTC is a Turkish language learning resource website offering Turkish language learning materials (digital language learning products including pdf, mp3, epub, Powerpoint materials in a zipped file) and online Turkish classes & courses.

2. Can I buy your Turkish language books in print?

DTC Turkish language books are not books in print and not sold in the bookstores. They are digital products for self-study. You can download them from Dem Turkish Center Bookstore instantly and make a print out if you wish to.

Got more questions?

Get in touch with us by email at, or by Whatsapp (+90 541 551 43 23 – Ali Akpinar) if you have further questions about Dem Turkish Center Turkish language products and services.

Since I am usually in class teaching Turkish online and/or face to face in Fethiye where I live, I may not be able to answer your calls on the phone. So I prefer email or Whatsapp messages if possible. I will reply your emails or messages as soon as possible.

Contact Dem Turkish Center!

Thank you very much for your interest and visiting Dem Turkish Center. Please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact information below.

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