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What and Where to eat in Istanbul

Where What To Eat In Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul city guide. What – Where to eat in Istanbul? Popular foods and restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul offers many delicious taste from local, Turkish, Balkans, Middle East and international. Here is a list of the most popular food, meals and where to eat them.

Breakfast & Fastfood

  • Balik ekmek in Eminönü
  • Börek at Tarihi Kirecburnu Firini in Kirecburnu, Sariyer
  • Dürüm döner at Bambi Café in Siraselviler, Beyoglu
  • Clotted cream at Bulgar in Besiktas
  • Hamburger at Kizilkayalar, a popular fastfood restaurant
  • Kokorec at Sampiyon in Beyoglu
  • Kumpir (baked potato) in Ortakoy
  • Lahmacun at Kasibeyaz in Florya
  • Menemen at Emek Cafe in Yeniköy & at Lades in Beyoglu
  • Pide at Günaydin in Kozyatagi, Kadikoy
  • Pogaca at Sariyer Borekcisi in Sariyer
  • Simit at the street vendors in Erenkoy, Kadikoy
  • Tea and pogaca at Emirgan Cinaralti
  • Toast (with cheese and tongue) at Baris Bufe in Bagdat Street, Kadikoy

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