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Kokoreç, Best Turkish Street Foods

Turkish Foods - What Is Kokrec

Kokorec is one of the best street foods in Istanbul, especially a spicy kokorec with a cold Efes at the Mercan or Sampiyon.

Kokorec, a Greek word in Turkish, is a Turkish dish of Balkan origin made of seasoned skewered lamb intestines. Kokorec is served either a bread sandwich or a dish at the restaurants, with chopped tomato, pepper, thyme and usually drunk with ayran, turnip juice or beer. Beside the fastfood restaurants in Istanbul, it is sold on the streets by street vendors.

According to popular belief, kokorec is one of the foods that alleviate hangovers if consumed after drinking. It is quite possible to see people around a small kokorec car eating kokorec late at night after drinking in Taksim, Kadikoy etc.

Try kokorec if you haven’t. It’s not bad as it sounds. It’s one of the top street foods you should try in Istanbul. You can go to Mercan or Sampiyon (restaurants) in Beyoğlu or Kadıköy and have a yarım ekmek kokoreç and a beer.

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