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Turkish Writing (Correction) Lessons C1

Turkish Writing (Correction) Lessons C1

Improve your Turkish with Turkish Writing (Correction) Lessons for advanced learners (C1)!

Turkish writing (letter correction) lessons are ideal if you want to study Turkish yourself with a Turkish language teacher and practice writing, reading, grammar and learn new vocabulary.

What is Turkish Writing (Letter Correction) Lessons by email?

Turkish writing (letter correction) lessons are the texts or letters you write to your Turkish penfriend (your Turkish language teacher), who reads, corrects your mistakes, adds grammar or usage explanations and sends it back to you for review.

Turkish writing lessons are also a good way to practice Turkish grammar and learn new Turkish words and phrases.

Who is Turkish writing (letter correction) lesson for?

Turkish writing (letter correction) lessons by email are ideal for beginner (A1, A2), pre-intermediate, intermediate (B1), upper-intermediate (B2) or advanced (C1) Turkish language learners who likes studying foreign languages by writing and need a Turkish language teacher to correct and help them with Turkish grammar mistakes, use of Turkish words and explanations.

What can you write about?

1. You can write your own letters.

Simply make a list and write your own letters / texts about anything, book/film reviews, memories, diaries, news, opinions, thoughts, what you did at the weekend, what you are going to do next weekend, your future plans etc

Your penfriend will gladly read and correct your mistakes, explain your mistakes with short notes, send them back to you for review and help you with your Turkish studies!

2. You can answer interview questions.

Your Turkish penfriend (your Turkish language teacher) sends you interview questions (10-15 questions) about the the typical topics including animals, arts, books, cinema, city, everyday routine, family, fears, free times, friendship, future, habits, health, holiday, home, literature, love, marriage, money, music, personality, politics, school, shopping, sports, work etc

Simply read and answer the questions, send them to your Turkish penfriend for him to correct your letter and explain your mistakes.

3. You can write about the topics in your Turkish course book.

If you are taking a course, you can also make a list of the topics in your course book (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) with your penfriend (your Turkish teacher) and write about them.

Simply make a list of the topics in your course book with your penfriend (Turkish teacher), write texts, send them to your Turkish penfriend for him to correct your letter and explain your mistakes.

Try a Turkish writing (letter correction) lesson!

Contact your Turkish penfriend (your Turkish teacher) at or to try a lesson.

Meet The Teacher

turkish language centerAli Akpinar is a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study and Turkish courses & classes online via Skype. Contact Ali Akpinar if you need questions about this Turkish language material, need help with this material or have problems with your download. Contact him by email at by Facebook at Ali Akpinar on Facebook or by Skype at

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