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Turkish Words and Phrases: Allah

Turkish Words And Phrases - Allah / God In Turkish Language

What are the Turkish words and phrases about Allah?

There are many Turkish words and phrases about Allah. “Tanrı” is a Turkish word but “Allah” is used more commonly in Turkish for everyday language as well as worshipping. Here is the list of the expressions used with Allah in Turkish:

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  • Allah Allah! Goodness gracious! How strange!
  • Allah aşkına! For God’s sake! I beg you.
  • Allahım! Oh, my God!
  • Aman Allah’ım! Oh my God
  • Allah’tan luckily, fortunately
  • Allah bilir. God knows. It is hard to say.
  • Allah’a bin şükür. Thank God (thousand times)
  • Hay Allah! Oops, gosh
  • Allah bağışlasın / affetsin. God belss him/her.
  • Allah kahretsin! God damn it!
  • Allah göstermesin. God forbid!
  • Allah analı babalı büyütsün. May he / she grow up with parents (said to children)
  • Allah’ından bulsun! Let God punish him.
  • Allah’ın cezası. Damn, damned.
  • Allah düşmanıma vermesin. I wouldn´t wish it on my worst enemy.
  • Allah eksik etmesin. May we not suffer his loss. I am very grateful for what he has done.
  • Allah’a emanet ol. May God protect you.
  • Allah gecinden versin. May God ordain it to be late (used when mentioning death).
  • Allah göstermesin! God forbid!
  • Allah’ın günü Every single day (said in exasperation or impatience).
  • Allah’a havale ettim. I have left to God (For punishment, revenge).
  • Allah herkesin gönlüne göre versin. May God grant the wishes of everyone.
  • Allah’a ısmarladık. Good-bye (said by the person leaving).
  • Allah’ın işine bak! Now look what´s happened!
  • Allah iyiliğini versin. God damn you.
  • Allah’ın izniyle If possible, unless something comes up.
  • Allah kabul etsin. May God find it acceptable (said of a generous or pious action).

  • Allah kavuştursun. May God unite you again (said to those remaining behind after another has departed on a journey).
  • Allah kazadan beladan korusun. May God protect you from all evil.
  • Allah kerim. It is in God´s hands. There is nothing we can do.
  • Allah’tan kork! Stop that! You should be ashamed!
  • Allah korusun! God forbid!
  • Allah ne muradın varsa versin. May God grant your every wish.
  • Allah ne verdiyse Whatever God has given (modest expression in reference to the food one is serving a guest).
  • Allah uzun ömür versin. May God give you a long life (used in greeting or thanking).
  • Allah rahatlık versin. Good night.
  • Allah rahmet eylesin. May God have mercy on him (said for a person who has died).
  • Allah razı olsun. Thank you.
  • Allah rızası için For God´s sake; without expecting any reward.
  • Allah sabır versin. May God give you patience.
  • Allah selamet versin. 1. May God protect you (on your journey). 2. May your troubles end (said to a traveler). 3. God bless him (said of an absent friend or relative). 4. God bless him anyway (said when mentioning a person´s weakness). 5. Do as you like then. Go if you want to.
  • Allah senden razı olsun. Thank you. God bless you for what you have done.
  • Allah’ını seversen. For the love of God.
  • Allah’a şükür! Thank God!
  • Allah tamamına erdirsin. May God bring it to a happy conclusion.
  • Allah utandırmasın. May God protect him from failure.
  • Allah’tan ümit kesilmez. Proverb While there is life there is hope.
  • Allah vergisi Innate, natural.
  • Allah versin. May God help you (said to a beggar when one does not give him anything).
  • Allah yardımcın olsun. May God be your helper.
  • Allah yazdı ise bozsun. If this is my fate may it be changed. I will never do what is being demanded of me.
  • Allah ziyade etsin. May God give you abundance (said by the guest after a meal).

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