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Teach yourself Turkish with Turkish language books & lessons for self-study!

Turkish Starter Courses Online

Start learning Turkish with Turkish Starter Course Online via Skype for total beginner Turkish language learners.

Dem Turkish Center offers Turkish Starter Course Online, a short, introductory Turkish language course program for new Turkish language learners who have never studied Turkish and want to start with the basics of the Turkish language.

Turkish Starter Course: Lessons

Learn and study basic grammar points including Turkish letters, vowel harmony in Turkish, persons & possessive adjectives in Turkish, the basic adjective phrases, the use of the word “var” in Turkish, the basic questions in Turkish, the word order in Turkish, basic verbs and verb forms in Turkish

And introducing yourself & meeting for the first time, talking about other people, basic questions, use of “There is & Have”, basic verb forms and use of “Want”.

Turkish Starter Course Details

  • Level Total/zero beginners
  • Number of Participants Private lessons with 1 student
  • Software Skype (Our Skype account is
  • Materials Dem Turkish Center materials
  • Teacher Qualified & experienced teacher speaking English
  • Course Duration 8 hours online lessons (2 hours a week)
  • Times & Days Negotiable. Contact us to discuss the details.
  • Tutoring Fee 384 TL (25 % OFF) (82.50 EUR, 72.80 GBP, 100 USD) Check currency updates at Google Currency Convertor

How Turkish Starter Course works

  1. Contact us by email at or
  2. Meet your Turkish teacher online and schedule your classes.
  3. Download and install Skype if it is not installed on your computer.
  4. And make a head start in Turkish language with Turkish Starter Course Oline!

Do you want to start learning Turkish yourself? Download Start Learning Turkish (25 % OFF), a package including Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study (with audios & answer keys) »

Meet your Turkish language teacher

turkish language centerAli Akpinar is a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study and Turkish courses & classes online via Skype. Contact Ali Akpinar if you need questions about this Turkish language course.

Contact us by email at (or or via Skype at and start learning Turkish language!

And don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page and join the conversation on our Facebook Group for Turkish language information, free lessons, words and phrases and news and updates about Dem Turkish Center books and lessons!

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Contact us by email at (or or via Skype at and start learning Turkish language!

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Turkish Language Holiday Courses

Would you like to study Turkish while having an enjoyable holiday?

Ali Akpinar, a Turkish language teacher, offers Turkish language holiday courses in Fethiye, one of the top travel destinations in Turkey, located by the Mediterranean Sea coasts of Turkey.

Turkish Language Holiday Courses in Fethiye

Study Turkish in Fethiye while enjoying social times and activities during your language learning holiday!

More Information »
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