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Turkish Speaking Courses: Turkish Coffee Break (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

Improve your Turkish speaking skill with Turkish Coffee Break-Turkish speaking practice courses online via Skype, at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world!

Dem Turkish Center offers (30, 45 or 60 minutes) casual Turkish speaking classes online via Skype for beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced Turkish language learners.

These short Turkish speaking lessons are ideal for Turkish language learners, anyone, any levels, who want to improve their Turkish speaking skill and gain fluency with short conversation classes (without any worksheets or lesson plans) while having a cup of coffee, any time of the day, before work, during your lunch or after work.

Have a casual chat in Turkish with your Turkish language teacher online!

How we teach

We don’t teach, we talk! This is the idea. All you need is to have a cup of coffee (It doesn’t have to be a Turkish coffee, of course), have a small talk in Turkish with your Turkish teacher, practice what you have learned and improve your Turkish speaking skills. Talk about your day, talk about what you did yesterday, what you are going to do tomorrow, tell him/her about a film you saw, a book you read and ask a lot of questions!

Turkish Coffee Break Speaking Courses: Details
  • Level All levels
  • Teacher Ali Akpinar Meet the teacher below
  • Software Skype Download Skype
  • Number Of Lessons 8 hours
  • Course Duration 8 hours is completed in 1 month, 4 weeks ***
  • Number Of Students 1, one to one
  • Days & Hours Negotiable
  • Tutoring Fee 384 TL (8 hours) – 20 % OFF (101.50 USD, 82.50 EUR, 72.50 GBP) Check currency updates
  • Payment Methods or bank transfer

*** Why 1 month? Because the more you practice, the better you speak Turkish!

Can I try a lesson?

Of course, you can. Contact schedule a day and time, and get online to meet the teacher and have a short trial lesson online via Skype.

Meet The Teacher

turkish language centerAli Akpinar is a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study and Turkish courses & classes online via Skype. Contact Ali Akpinar if you need questions about this Turkish language material, need help with this material or have problems with your download.

Terms & Conditions

Please read and accept the following terms & conditions before taking online Turkish lessons. Thanks in advance!

  1. Online Turkish lessons take 60 minutes / 1 hour.
  2. The lessons are booked at least 1 day before the lesson.
  3. Booked (and paid) lessons are completed within 2 months from the payment date. Expired lessons are considered as completed, unless it is the teacher who is responsible for the delay of the lesson.
  4. The student pays for the tutoring fee before the class(es) using one of the payment methods above.
  5. The lessons missed by the student without a notice is considered as completed.
  6. The teacher waits for 15 minutes if the student doesn’t turn up at class on time. In case of being late, the lesson will be given and finish on time.
  7. Any notice of cancellation must be made at least 1 day before the class. Missed lessons are scheduled at a later date by the teacher and the student. Unfortunately any lessons cancelled without a notice will be considered as completed.

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