Beginner Turkish Speaking Classes

Turkish Speaking Classes

Dem Turkish Center offers Turkish speaking classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced Turkish language learners.

Turkish speaking classes are ideal for Turkish language learners who want to improve their speaking skills and gain fluency through everyday situations, popular topics and conversation questions & reading texts.

Turkish Speaking Classes: Details

  • Number of students 1 student
  • Software Skype
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Materials Dem Turkish Center worksheets
  • Date & time Negotiable

How Turkish Speaking Classes work

We are offering two types of Turkish speaking lessons: 1) Turkish Coffee Break 2) Turkish Conversation Questions. Turkish Cofee Break is a short (30 minutes) speaking lesson without any materials. We use worksheets for Turkish Conversation Questions. This is how Turkish Conversation Question lessons work:

  • The learner buy the Turkish Speaking Class(es) from Dem Turkish Center Store (See below).
  • The learner and instructor schedules a day and time for the class.
  • The learner reads and studies the questions before the class.
  • The learner starts asking the questions because he/she needs to listen to the instructor’s answers as a model.
  • The instructor asks questions this time, extends the questions, introduces new vocabulary and idioms etc.

Turkish Speaking Classes: Speaking Topics

Below is a list of the most popular topics for beginner Turkish speaking lessons.

Family, habits, ability, computers & Internet, weekend, past experiences, last weekend, general knowledge, routine activities, want, permissions & requests, personal information, books, biography, likes & dislikes, cinema, holiday, advice, offers and more.

Buy your Turkish Speaking Class(es) Online and schedule your online lessons now!

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