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Download Turkish language learning books & lessons instantly!

Turkish Self-study Course For Pre-intermediate Learners

What is Turkish lessons for Self-study?

Self-study Turkish lessons are downloadable Turkish language lessons including Turkish vocabulary worksheets, Turkish grammar worksheets, communicative Turkish lessons, Turkish easy reading exercises, everyday Turkish and conversation questions to study and practice Turkish by yourself.

How Turkish lessons for self-study work?

The lessons includes answer keys and audios because they are designed for self-study. Parts of each lesson are:

  • Vocabulary Learn the words and phrases in the lesson before studying.
  • Grammar Study the grammar point(s) in the lesson through short explanations and exercises – with audios.
  • Lessons Study the lesson through communicative exercises – with audios.
  • Reading Study a letter from your penfriend with vocabulary and comprension exercises – with audio.
  • Writing Write a similar letter to your penfriend by answering the questions.
  • Everyday Turkish Study exercises for practical everyday use of the language – with audios.
  • Interview Questions Answer the questions, ask the same questions to a Turkish speaking friend or your teacher to improve your Turkish language – with audio.

Extra Work

  • Reading Read Turkish easy readers with vocabulary and comprehension exercises – with audio.
  • Vocabulary Do the vocabulary exercises and improve your Turkish vocabulary.

Designed for self-study, there are word lists, answer keys and audios in each lesson.

How to study Turkish lessons for self-study

Download the Turkish lessons (divided into separate worksheets like vocabulary, grammar, lesson, reading etc with audios & answer keys) below, study one or two worksheets every day and complete the lesson in a week.

How to download Turkish lessons for self-study

Simply check out the information on each page, follow the links and download them from (former instantly after the payment, where we use to sell our Turkish language learning materials.

Study Turkish yourself!

Download self-study Turkish language lesson (4 / 5 lessons) bundles – 20 % OFF!

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