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Download Turkish language learning books & lessons instantly!

Turkish Reading Lessons

Learn Turkish yourself with Turkish reading lessons for self-study – with exercises& audios!

Download Turkish reading lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced Turkish language learners, study 1 or 2 lessons (with exercises & audio) a week and learn Turkish yourself!

What is Self-study Turkish Reading Lessons?

Self-study Turkish reading lessons are downloadable Turkish easy reading lessons (pdf) with exercises & audios (mp3) thay you can study and practice Turkish reading by yourself and improve your Turkish reading and listening skills while learning new Turkish words and phrases.

How self-study Turkish reading lessons work?

Simply download the lessons, learn the new Turkish words in the text, read and listen to the text and do the exercises.

How to download self-study Turkish reading lessons

Simply follow the links in each lesson, download them from (former instantly after the payment, where we use to sell our Turkish language learning materials.

Turkish Easy Reading Books – without audios

Beside Turkish reading lessons for self-study (with audios) you can also download Turkish easy reading books without audios and practice Turkish language.

Turkish Reading Lessons For Self-study – with exercises & audios

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