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Do you want to learn Turkish yourself? How about learning Turkish yourself with a Turkish language teacher?

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Merhaba! I am Ali Akpinar, a Turkish teacher offering Turkish language materials and Turkish courses & classes and self-study lessons (online and in Fethiye). I am offering my self-study Turkish lessons in two ways:

  1. Self-study Turkish Lessons Download and study my self-study lessons yourself – with answer keys and audios! Download instantly »
  2. Self-study Turkish Courses Study Turkish yourself & with your Turkish teacher. Here is how: Read below…

Check out the information below and contact me at aliakpinar@hotmail.com

Online or Face To Face?

I am located in Fethiye and give lessons both online via Skype and face to face in Fethiye. So if you are located in Fethiye, I am available for face to face lessons or online via Skype (or both).

Are you located in Marmaris, Bodrum, Dalyan, Kaş, Kalkan, Didim, Kuşadası, İzmir, İstanbul or abroad? I am available online via Skype for your self-study Turkish course.

What is self-study Turkish course for beginners?

Self-study Turkish Course for beginners is designed by your Turkish language teacher who assists you to study and learn Turkish language effectively.

Your Turkish language teacher designs your self-study Turkish course and provides Turkish language materials, lessons and available online when you need!

Self-study Turkish course for beginners provides motivated Turkish language learners with the knowledge, guidance and support to make learning Turkish a permanent part of their life.

What does your Turkish teacher do?

Unlike scheduled classes, your Turkish teacher designs your self-study Turkish course and is available to help you online and offline, whenever you need him to help you with your Turkish study.
Your Turkish teacher is someone who;

  • Designs your Turkish language course.
  • Gives you self-study Turkish lessons and monitor what you are learning.
  • Available online and offline for your questions & explanations.
  • Connects with you online (or in person in Fethiye) to revise and practice what you have learned.
  • Helps you stay encouraged, motivated and excited about learning Turkish!

Contact me by email at aliakpinar@hotmail.com or using the form below to discuss the details of your self-study Turkish course.

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How does the self-study Turkish course work?

  • The student downloads the self-study lessons with audios.
  • The student study the lesson himself / herself.
  • The teacher helps the student by email or Facebook if he / she needs help with the lessons or have questions.
  • The teacher and student get together (online via Skype or in person in Fethiye) once a week to revise and practice what he / she studied.

Online Support
The idea of the self-study Turkish course is to help you learn Turkish language yourself with the support of your Turkish language teacher.

Your Turkish language teacher is available online 7/24 via;

  • email Send him/her emails when you need help with Turkish in general or the worksheets you are studying.
  • Private Facebook group You Turkish language teacher opens a private FB group for you to say hello to you, ask you questions, answer your questions, explain things when you have a problem with Turkish or your Turkish materials etc.

Why Facebook?
Because almost everyone is on Facebook these days and it is a good way to be in contact with your Turkish language teacher any time you need.

What’s the duration of the self-study Turkish course?

Self-study Turkish course for beginners has 25 lessons. You can study 4-5 lessons a month. If you want to take 4 lessons a month, you complete the beginner level in 6 months. If you take 5 lessons a month, you complete the course in 5 months.

What are the lessons in the SS Turkish course?

Visit Self-study Turkish Lessons For Beginners for the list of self-study Turkish lessons. We are adding new lessons every week.

What is the structure of each lessons?

In each lesson, you will do the following worksheets:

  1. Vocabulary exercises Learn the Turkish words and phrases in the lesson before studying.
  2. Grammar worksheets Learn and practice the grammar points in the lesson – with audios.
  3. Communicative lessons Study the communicative exercises in the lesson – with audios.
  4. Reading: Letters Study the letters at the end of each lesson for reading practice as well as learning new words – with audios.
  5. Writing: Letters These letters are also used for writing practice because you write a similar letter and send it to your teacher for correction.
  6. Everyday Turkish Learn everyday Turkish words, phrases and dialogues with these worksheets – with audios.
  7. Interview Questions You need to practice what you have learnt, with Turkish speaking people. Asking questions is very important when learning a foreign language. Ask these interview questions to Turkish speaking friends and your Turkish teacher – with audios.
  8. Extra worksheets & materials You will also receive easy reading worksheets (with exercises), grammar and vocabulary worksheets for extra work – with audios.

Try a lesson!

Contact me by email at aliakpinar@hotmail.com to discuss the details and try a self-study Turkish lesson.

About The Teacher

turkish language teacher ali akpinar

My name is Ali Akpınar, a qualified and experienced Turkish language teacher. I live in Fethiye, but I am originally from Istanbul.

I graduated from English Teaching Department (the Marmara University in Istanbul) in 1998. I worked in language schools in Istanbul as a non-native English teacher and Turkish language teacher until 2004 when I started Dem Turkish Center. Since then, I have been creating Turkish language learning books for self-study and offering Turkish language lessons online via Skype and face to face.

Please let me know if you want to meet me in Fethiye (or online via Skype if you are located in Marmaris, Bodrum, Kaş, Kalkan, Dalyan, Didim or if you live abroad) for a coffee to get to know each other and/or if you have further questions about your self-study Turkish course.

Self-study Turkish Lessons

Download and study Turkish language yourself with self-study Turkish lessons including vocabulary worksheets, grammar worksheets, communicative lessons, easy reading worksheets, everyday Turkish worksheets, interview questions and relevant materials – with answer keys & audios!

Download printable Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study or study with a Turkish language teacher!

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