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Turkish Language Learning Tours in Adana, Turkey

Take a city tour with your Turkish language teacher & tour guide and practice and improve your Turkish while exploring the city!

Live & Learn Turkish Language Tours are ideal for having a break from your busy work schedule, enjoy your weekends individually or with a small goup (up to four participants), learn, practice and improve your Turkish with your Turkish language guide, who is an experienced native Turkish language teacher, and experience the life in the city in a day or the whole weekend only in Turkish!

Turkish Language Tours Details

  • Walk around the city,
  • Take a public bus or ferry and go places in the city,
  • Sit at a cafe and chat while having a coffee / tea or playing backgammon,
  • Have a meal together at a restaurant, practice ordering food,
  • Go shopping together and buy what you need,
  • Visit museums, mosques or touristic areas,

An many more. All in Turkish! Just like a local!

How Turkish Language Tours work

  • You contact us to discuss my availability, days, hours and other details.
  • We make a rough plan of what we can do, where to go etc.
  • We meet at a typical meeting point just like meeting a local friend.
  • We start our Turkish language tour speaking only Turkish (except for the situation the guide needs to explain language points briefly).
  • At the end of the tour you and your guide sit at a coffee and go over what you did and what you learned or had difficulty so your guide can give you further explanations and practice together.

Let us take your Turkish studies one step further with our “Live & Learn Guided Turkish Language & Cultural Tours” around Adana where you live and work.

Turkish Language Books For Self-study

online turkish language courses for beginnersDo you want to study Turkish yourself? We are also offering printable Turkish language books, Turkish audio books and lessons for self-study or study with a Turkish language teacher online or face to face.

Our Turkish language materials are Turkish lessons, Turkish grammar workbooks, Turkish vocabulary developers and graded Turkish easy readers for self-study.

Visit Turkish Language Books and download your Turkish language materials instantly!

Thanks for your interest in advance! Contact us for your Turkish language tours in Adana, Turkey!

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Problem with the form? Contact Rüçhan Aygün by email at

Rüçhan Aygün
+90 532 723 52 69
+90 552 206 52 69

Download printable Turkish language books, audio books and worksheets for self-study or study with a Turkish language teacher!

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