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Suffix – MIS in Turkish (Beginner)

Turkish Grammar Lessons Suffix Mis

Free Turkish Lessons (Beginner)
Turkish Grammar: The suffix – miş

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– miş / mış / müş / muş is one of the most common suffixes and is used for:

1) Discovery & Surprise

Bu restoran çok güzelmiş. (I didn’t know) this restaurant is so nice.
Bu araba çok ucuzmuş. (I am surprised that) this car is so cheap.

2) Direct Reported Speech
Ali İngilizce biliyormuş. I heard that / They said Ali knows English, as they say.

Simply add this suffix to the end of the sentence. For example:

O bir doktor. O bir doktormuş.
O bir doktor değil. O bir doktor değilmiş.
O hasta. O hastaymış.*
Bir problem var. Bir problem varmış.
Bir problem yok. Bir problem yokmuş.

* If the word ends in a vowel, the suffix takes – y – as – ymiş / ymüş / ymış / ymuş.

Read and learn the sentences below.

O film izliyor. He is watching a film.
O film izliyormuş. (I heard / They said) he is watching a film.
O film izledi. He watched a film.
O film ** izlemiş. (I heard / They said) he watched a film.
O film izleyecek. He is going to watch a film.
O film izleyecekmiş. (I heard / They said) he is going to watch a film.

** Normally you don’t need to change the sentence (or the last word /verb). But you replace the past suffix with this – miş suffix because they are both past participles.

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