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Adjective Clauses (Pre-intermediate)

Turkish Grammar Worksheets - Adjective Clauses

Free Turkish Lessons (Pre-intermediate – Intermediate)
Turkish Grammar: Adjective Clauses (using the suffix – diği) in Turkish language

Learn Turkish grammar yourself with Turkish grammar worksheets for self-study (pre-intermediate to intermediate – with audios / answer keys)!

Clauses are “sentences in a sentence”. Learn the adjective clause (a sentence, clause used as an adjective) in Turkish language. For example:

O bir kitap okuyor. He is reading a book.
Kitap çok ilginç. The book is very insteresting.
Onun okuduğu kitap çok ilginç. The book that he is reading is very interesting.

Remember that the suffix “– diği” is used to make “That” clauses in Turkish. For example:

Onun bir doktor olduğu doğru. It is true that he is a doctor.
Onun Türkçe bildiği doğru. It is true that he knows Turkish.
O eve geldiği zaman yemek yedi. He had dinner when he came home.
O geç kaldığı için özür diledi. He said sorry because he was late.

The person in clauses is always possesive (except for “– diği için / zaman clauses”).

Onun okuduğu kitap … The book that he is reading …
Benim okuduğum kitap … The book that I am reading …
Senin okuduğun kitap … The book that you are reading …

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