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Abi & Abla, Big Brother & Sister

Abi & Abla, Big Brother & Sister

What is “Abi & Abla” in Turkish language?

ABİ is big brother, short form of ağabey in Turkish language. It’s also used to address senior males, showing love and respect just as to a big brother. It is also used for “bro” between male friends (and even between girls).

“Abi” is one of the most common words used by Turkish people:

  • Bakar mısın Abi? Excuse me Abi?
  • Abi bu kaç para? Abi, how much is this?
  • Buyur Abi? How can I help you Abi?
  • N’aber Abi? How are you Abi?
  • Tamam Abi. Yok Abi. Var Abi. Sağ ol Abi …

ABLA is big sister in Turkish language. It’s used to address girls or women, showing love and respect just as to a big sister.

“Abla”, like “abi”, is heard quite often in the street:

  • Bakar mısın Abla? Excue me Abla?
  • Abla bu kaç para? Abla, how much is this?
  • Buyur Abla? How can I help you Abla?
  • N’aber Abla? How are you Abla?
  • Tamam Abla. Yok Abla. Var Abla. Sağ ol Abla …

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