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Turkish Courses: Comparison A1

Turkish Courses Comparison A1

Self-study Turkish Courses: Comparison & Superlative

Dem Turkish Center is offering self-study Turkish courses. Download “Turkish Courses: Comparison & Superlative Form (A1)” and study Turkish yourself with practical Turkish video lessons for self-study. Study the lessons in this short course in a week or so.

Turkish Courses

Please remember that Dem Turkish Center offers Turkish courses as:

  1. Self-study Turkish Courses (1) Download Turkish lessons and study yourself.
  2. Self-study Turkish Courses (2) Download Turkish lessons, get online help while studying and complete A1 (Early beginner) level in 4 months. Visit Self-study Turkish Courses 1 A1 for more information.
  3. Dem Turkish Center Membership Become a DTC member, download Turkish lessons, get online help while studying and take casual Turkish lessons online to revise and practice. Visit DTC Membership for more information.

This Turkish course, “Comparison & Superlative Form” is a bunch of lessons you can study yourself as a self-study course. Either download the lessons you want to study or download all the lessons to make it a short Turkish course.

Turkish Courses: Comparison & Superlative Form A1

This course includes the following lessons. Each lesson has 5 parts:

  1. LEARN Learn the lesson taught in this course.
  2. IMPROVE Improve your Turkish with reading, wiriting and vocabulary practice.
  3. PRACTICE Practice your Turkish with dialogues and interview questions.
  4. TEST Test what you have learned.
  5. EXTRA WORK Learn and improve with extra work (grammar, reading, vocabulary lessons).

Download the lessons and study Turkish yourself.

If you wish to study Turkish yourself + study with a Turkish teacher and complete A1 level in 4 months, visit Self-study Turkish Courses 1 A1 for more information.

The list of this Turkish course is:

  • Reading: Letter Comparing Things Practice an easy text with exercises about comparing things.
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary Compound Nouns 3 Learn and practice compound nouns in Turkish.

Visit the links below for more Turkish language learning resources for early beginner (A1) level.


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