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Are you studying Turkish language yourself or taking a Turkish language course?

Study your Turkish language course book or study book(s) with a Turkish language online via Skype!
You are learning Turkish, taking a Turkish course or self-studying using your own Turkish language books, a Turkish course book, Turkish grammar book, a Turkish easy reader, a Turkish self-study guide or even a survival Turkish book for your trip to Turkey…

No matter what Turkish language books or materials you are using, you can study your Turkish language materials with our experienced Turkish language teachers online via Skype if you need help with your Turkish language materials.

Although we prefer to use our own materials for our courses, we are here to help you learn Turkish and improve your Turkish. So we are also giving Turkish lessons through our students’ books and materials.

Turkish Course Books & Self-study Materials

We are available for your online Turkish lessons if you are using these Turkish language books & course books and need help with your Turkish language studies:

  • Istanbul course books
  • Yeni Hitit course book
  • Türkçe Okuyorum
  • Yabancı Dilim Türkçe
  • Or any Turkish language book, course books or self-study materials you are studying and need help!

Class Details

  • Levels Beginner, intermediate & advanced
  • Types of classes Online via Skype (1 to 1)
  • Materials Your own Turkish language books & materials
  • Days & Times Negotiable

Contact us!

Simply contact us by email at and schedule your Turkish classes online. Please add the Turkish language material(s) or lessons you want to study and the date and time you are available.

More Turkish Language Courses & Classes

Learn Turkish with Dem Turkish Center online Turkish classes via Skype. Contact us to discuss the details.

Problem with the form? Contact us by email at or Skype (

Download printable Turkish language learning books for self-study or study with a Turkish language teacher!

Download Turkish Books
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