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Turkish Books: What Is 1

Turkish Books: What Is 1

Improve your Turkish reading skill with Turkish easy readers.

Download What Is 1 (informative texts), a Turkish easy reading book with exercises for beginner Turkish language learners and improve your Turkish reading skill and learn new Turkish words and phrases while reading!

Book Info pdf, 60 pages, word list included
Product Types pdf ebook
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What Is 1 (Ne Nedir 1) is a collection of simplified, informative texts about popular foods, umbrella, hamburger, date tree, sign language, rice, hippopotamus, kiwi birds, polar bears, camels and dolphins. What Is 1 is ideal for late beginner Turkish language learners who want to read easy Turkish texts and improve their reading skill as well as learn new vocabulary while reading.

How to use the book

Use What Is 1 for self-study, study with a Turkish language teacher and part of a beginner Turkish course as a supplementary material.

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