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Teach yourself Turkish with Turkish language books & lessons for self-study

Turkish Language Learning Books For Pre-intermediate Learners

Download Turkish language learning books, lessons (with audios) & worksheets for pre-intermediate Turkish language learners – for self-study or study with your Turkish language teacher!

Turkish language books pre-intermediate

Learn Turkish language with practical Turkish language books offers by Dem Turkish Center if you are studying Turkish language and need practical Turkish language learning materials for self-study.

Best way of learning the Turkish language yourself, with your Turkish teacher or even Turkish speaking friends or family!

Download printable Turkish language learning books, lessons & worksheets for self-study and improve your Turkish language!

List of Turkish Language Books For Pre-intermediate Learners

Dem Turkish Center’ Turkish language learning books for pre-intermediate learners includes Turkish lessons, Turkish grammar workbooks, Turkish vocabulary developers and lots of graded Turkish easy reading books (pdf & mp3).

Did you know each book includes pdf books and covers if you want to print and use them as books in print?

Start learning Turkish with Turkish books & lessons for self-study »
Download Turkish easy reading books – 30 % OFF »
Teach yourself Turkish! Download Turkish language books for self-study – 30 % OFF »
Download self-study Turkish lessons for self-study (beginners) »
Online Turkish language classes & courses via Skype »

Download Self-study Turkish Lessons For Pre-intermediate Learners
– with audios & answer keys!

Self-study Turkish lessons are downloadable Turkish language lessons including Turkish vocabulary worksheets, Turkish grammar worksheets, communicative Turkish lessons, Turkish easy reading exercises, everyday Turkish and conversation questions to study and practice Turkish by yourself.

Take Turkish Language Courses & Classes Online!

Learn Turkish with Turkish language courses & classes online via Skype.

Turkish language holiday vacation courses in fethiye, turkey

Self-study Turkish Courses are intensive Turkish language learning program for beginner & pre-intermediate Turkish language learners designed by your Turkish language teacher who assists you to study and learn Turkish language effectively. Your Turkish language teacher designs your self-study Turkish course and provides Turkish language materials, lessons and available online when you need! Self-study Turkish Courses »

Learn Turkish language with intensive Turkish courses online via Skype!
Turkish Courses Online are intensive and interactive Turkish courses for Turkish language learners who want to obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language. A1 A2 Pre-intermediate B1 B2 C1

Turkish speaking lessons courses a1 online via Skype

Improve your Turkish speaking skill with Turkish speaking practice courses for Turkish language learners who are studying Turkish themselves or taking a Turkish language course and want to practice Turkish speaking skill according to the European language framework levels (A1, A2, Pre-intermediate, B1, B2, C1). Turkish Speaking Practice Courses »

Turkish support lessons online via Skype

Do you need help with your Turkish language studies? Take Turkish support lessons online via Skype for beginners, when you need help, practice or more explanations about your Turkish courses or Turkish language materials you are using. Contact us by email at or

Turkish Language Holiday Courses

Would you like to study Turkish while having an enjoyable holiday?

Ali Akpinar, a Turkish language teacher, offers Turkish language holiday courses in Fethiye, one of the top travel destinations in Turkey, located by the Mediterranean Sea coasts of Turkey.

Turkish Language Holiday Courses in Fethiye

Study Turkish in Fethiye while enjoying social times and activities during your language learning holiday!

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