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Turkish Books: Turkish Penfriend 1 Beginner

Turkish Books: Turkish Penfriend 1 Beginner

Improve your Turkish reading skill with Turkish easy readers.

Download Turkish Penfriend 1, a Turkish easy reading book with exercises for beginner Turkish language learners and improve your Turkish reading skill and learn new Turkish words and phrases while reading!

Book Info pdf, 16 letters, 110 pages, exercises & English translations included
Product Types pdf ebook / epub ebook / mp3 audiobook (with pdf book)
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Turkish Penfriend books include a series of letters written by Ezgi, your Turkish penfriend, writing about her life, family, friends, experiences, opinions, what she does, she did etc. This book is ideal for Turkish language learners who want to read easy Turkish texts and improve their reading and writing skill as well as learn new vocabulary while reading.

Letters in the book

The letters in the book are my dear friend (introducing yourself), my family (introducing people), my possessions (basic nouns & adjectives), TV guide (vocabulary and use of “There is”), What she has, What they do, my future plans (use of want), Bayram Holiday (use of te verb “Go” & suffix for TO), weekly plan (present tense), a busy day (present tense & suffix for AT), my cousins (present tense), everyday routine (present tense), They are different people (present tense), their families (possessive suffix), Loves me, loves me not… (Likes and dislikes & verbals)

How to use the book

Use Turkish Penfriend 1 for self-study, study with a Turkish language teacher and part of a beginner Turkish course as a supplementary material.

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Download Turkish Penfriend 1 (pdf ebook) from »

Download Turkish Penfriend 1 (pdf)

Download Turkish Penfriend 1 (pdf ebook) from »

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