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turkish language books - turkish grammar book 1 beginner

Turkish Learning Books: Turkish Grammar Workbook 1 (Beginners)

Turkish grammar practice workbooks for beginners.

Download, learn and practice Turkish grammar with exercises for self-study, study with your Turkish teacher or even with a Turkish speaking friend or family member.

Book Info pdf, 150 pages, answer key included

Details See below

Turkish Grammar Worksbook 1 for beginners isn’t a grammar book with lots of explanations although there are enough explanations to understand the grammar points and lots of exercises to practice the grammar points.

Types of Exercises

The types of exercises are filling in the blanks, making sentences, rewriting the words to make a sentence etc.

How to use the book

Learners can use the book for self-study, as a workbook to their Turkish course book or even a reference book to Turkish easy readers. Answer keys are included in the books.

Lessons in Turkish Grammar Workbook 1

The grammar points in Turkish Grammar Workbooks 1 (Beginners) is:

Nouns & Plural Nouns, Adjectives & Demonstrative Adjectives, Compound Nouns, There is & Quantity, Personal Pronouns & Possessive Adjectives, Verb To Have, Basic Questions, Verb To Be (Affirmative), Verb To Be (Question & Negative), Basic Verb Forms: Commands, Turkish Cases: Definite Object (The), Turkish Cases: Directional Suffix (To), Turkish Cases: Locational Suffix (At & In), Turkish Cases: Ablative Suffix (From), Comparison & Superlative, The Present Tense (Affirmative), The Present Tense (Question & Negative), Past Verb To Be (Affirmative), Past Verb To Be (Question & Negative), The Past Continuous Tense (Affirmative), The Past Continuous Tense (Question & Negative), The Past Tense (Affirmative), The Past Tense (Question & Negative), The Future Tense (Affirmative), The Future Tense (Question & Negative), The Aorist Tense (Affirmative), The Aorist Tense (Question & Negative), Possessive Suffix, Possessive Adjectives & Suffixes (Noun Cases), Time Expressions, Adverbs in Turkish, Ability (Can), Be Able To, Reporting Statements, – Kİ Suffix, Turkish Cases & – N Suffix, Verbals, Volunteer Actions (Let me & Let’s), Obligation (Have To), Suggestions (Should & Must), Necessity & Duty (Need To), If Clause, Adjective Clause, Subject Clauses, Because, When

Sample Lesson

See a preview of the book

How to download

Use Turkish Grammar Workbook 1 for self-study, study with a Turkish language teacher and part of a beginner Turkish course as a supplementary material.

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Turkish Grammar Lessons Online

Beside Turkish grammar practice books, we are also offering Turkish grammar lessons online via Skype. Visit Turkish Grammar Lessons page for details and contact us by email for your online Turkish grammar lessons.

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