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Turkish Fairy Tales 2

Turkish Easy Reading Books - Turkish Fairy Tales 2 A1

Learn and improve your Turkish language with Turkish easy reading books with exercises (Turkish Fairy Tales 2 – Stag Prince) for early beginners (A1)!

Turkish Fairy Tales 2 – Stag Prince a simplified, typical Turkish fairy tale about a greedy prince and her sister, is ideal for beginner Turkish learners who completed basic grammar points and wish to read easy Turkish texts and improve their reading skill as well as learn new vocabulary while reading.

Turkish Fairy Tales 2 – Stag Prince includes 10 chapters with;

  1. Vocabulary exercises before the text to learn the new words and expressions in the text
  2. Comprehensive exercise after the text to understand the text better before reading one more time.

Turkish Fairy Tales 2 can be used for;

  1. Self-study
  2. Study with a Turkish teacher
  3. Part of a beginner Turkish course as a supplementary material.

Preview Turkish Fairy Tales 2

Turkish Fairy Tales 2 Info

Early Beginner, pdf only, pdf + mp3, ebook (epub + mp3), 80 pages, exercises, word list, with / without audios (mp3)

How to download Turkish Fairy Tales 2

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