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Turkish Alphabet

Turkish Alphabet

Basic Turkish language lessons. Learn the Turkish alphabet.

The Turkish alphabet (alfabe or ABC in Turkish language) is derived from the Latin alphabet consisting of 29 letter with modified Turkish letters (ç, ğ,ı, ö, ü, ş).

There is not Q, X, W in Turkish. X is written as KS, and W is pronounced as V. Ğ ğ (Called soft g in Turkish) is not pronounced. It is used to lengthen preceding vowel slightly.

The Turkish Alphabet

  • A a /ʌ/ As u in funny
  • B b /b/ As b in bat
  • C c /dʒ/ As j in job, jacket
  • Ç ç /tʃ/ As chi in cheap
  • D d /d/ As d in dog
  • E e /e/ As e in red
  • F f /f/ As f in far
  • G g /g/ As g in gap, garlic
  • Ğ ğ /ɣ/ No English equivalent. It lenghtens the preceding vowel slightly.
  • H h /h/ As h in hot
  • I ı /ɯ/ As e in open
  • İ i /i/ As i in hit
  • J j /ʒ/ As s in measure
  • K k /k/ As k in kangaroo
  • L l /l/ As l in let
  • M m /m/ As m in man
  • N n /n/ As n in nay
  • O o /o/ As a shortened o in no
  • Ö ö /œ/ As e in her
  • P p /p/ As p in put
  • R r /ɾ/ As the r in rapid
  • S s /s/ As s in sand
  • Ş ş /ʃ/ As sh in shoes
  • T t /t/ As t in top
  • U u /u/ As oo in boot
  • Ü ü /y/ As in few, über in German
  • V v /v/ As v in valve
  • Y y /j/ As y in you
  • Z z /z/ As z in zip

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