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Things to do in Kaş, Antalya

Turkey travel guide. Things to do in Kas, Antalya.

Kas located in Antalya is one of the top travel destinations offering holidaymakers a wonderful vacation in the Turkish Riviera. You’ll find countless things to do in Kas, but we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Plan your trip to Kas, Antalya!

Things to do in Kas, Antalya

Kekova-Kaleköy private cruise tour

Visit the sunken city of Kekova, swim and snorkel undersea world in Aquarium Cove…
Book your Kekova-Kalekoy private cruise tour »

Full-Day Kekova sunken city sea kayaking tour

Enjoy kayaing along the ancient Lycian waterways, discover the sunken city of Kekova below the sea level, explore the island of Kekova, climb up to Simena Castle to enjoy spectacular panoramic views…
Book your Kekova sunken city sea kayaking tour »

Kaputas Beach and Blue Cave gullet cruise

Sail along the Turkish Riviera to Kaputas Beach with a luxury gullet and cruise the Turquoise Coasts…
Book your Kaputas beach and Blue cave gullet cruise »

Daily Mediterranean boat trips

Explore mystical Mediterranean Islands by boat, stop to swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea…
Book your daily Mediterranean boat trips »

Private Kaputas Beach and Blue Cave tour

Visit Turkey’s most prized beach by sea, swim into Blue Cave…
Bookyour Kaputas beach anc Blue cave tour »

6 nights 7 days Lycian Gulet charter

Cruise the Lycian Coast, sail the calm Mediterranea waters, visit relaxing beaches and laze inthe sun, see the remarkable sunken city…
Book your Lycian gulet charter »

Kas Archipelago and Sunken City tour

Swim in the clear, warm waters of the Tersane Bay near the sunken city, view the submerged walls and structures of the Sunken City, explore the ancien villages…
Book your sunken city tour »

Beginner Scuba Diving tour

Enjoy a safe and enjoyable introduction to the undersea world for beginners, discover the underwater world with a scuba diving tour in Kas, enjoy the crystal clear water and beautiful underwater landscapes…
Book your beginner scuba diving tour »

3 days 3 nights – Lycian Cruise

Cruise the Lycian coasts, swim in the calmest and cleanest waters when you wake up, enjoy the deep sea by snorkeling and you can also have your own seashell, learn the tips of Mediterranean kitchen from our experienced cooks, fall asleep by watching stars at the end of the day…
Book your Lycian cruise »

Kalkan and Lycian wonders tour

Find out more about Kalkan and Lycian wonders, enjoy a full day of exploration, have lunch at an exclusive restaurant…
Book your Kalkan and Lycian wonders tour »

Kekova Sunken City private gullet cruise

Explore the stunning sunken city of Kekova, Swim and snorkel in secret bays, relax on deck and soak up the Mediterranean sun… Book your Kekova sunken city private gullet cruise »

Kas Island romantic sunset private cruise

Cruise beautiful Kas Island on a romantic sunset tour, swim off the beach under a canopy of stars, make a campfire and have a singsong…
Book your Kas Island romantic private cruise »

Kaş Islands cruise by private gullet

Cruise romantic Kaş Island on board a traditional Turkish gullet, swim and snorkel in crystal clear Coban Cove and Güvercin Bay…
Book your Kas Island cruise »

Enjoy your trip to Kas!

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