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Street Markets in Istanbul

Street Markets In Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of street markets (pazar in Turkish). Every week 358 markets open in the streets of Istanbul, serving millions of Istanbulians by 50 thousands of sellers, selling vegetables, fruits, diary food, things for home, clothes, secondhand stuff, even antiques. There are more than 200 street markets all over the city and they are usually set on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.

The markets are usually named after the day they open e.g. Sali pazari, Carsamba pazari, Persembe pazariPazar means Sunday as well as street market in Turkish. The word comes from ba (food) and zar (place) in Farsi (bazaar).

Street Markets in Istanbul

  • Monday/43 markets Bahçelievler, Bahçeşehir, Maltepe, Selamiçeşme (Kadıköy)
  • Tuesday/48 markets Bahçeşehir, Bakırköy, Bostancı (Kadıköy), Hasanpaşa (Kadıköy), Şehremini (Fatih)
  • Wednesday/57 markets Bostancı (Kadıköy), Fatih, Ihlamur (Beşiktaş), Selimiye (Üsküdar), Yeşilköy
  • Thursday/59 markets Acıbadem (Kadıköy), Erenköy (Kadıköy), Merter, Suadiye (Kadıköy), Ulus (Beşiktaş)
  • Friday/54 markets Fındıkzade (Fatih), Kozyatağı (Kadıköy), Ulus (Beşiktaş), Üsküdar
  • Saturday/52 markets Bahçeşehir, Bakırköy, Ihlamur (Beşiktaş), Pendik, Sefaköy (Küçükçekmece)
  • Sunday/45 markets Beylikdüzü, Dolapdere (Taksim), Küçükçekmece, Kuzguncuk (Üsküdar)

Ecological Markets in Istanbul

Asian Side

  • Kadıköy Organik Halk Pazarı. Open at Özgürlük Parkı on every Wednesday.
  • Kartal Ekolojik Pazarı. Open on every Sunday. Located between Belediye (municipality) and the train station. In addition to products there are also workshops, exhibitions, art events and concerts.
  • Maletepe Organik Halk Pazarı. Open on Sundays at Altayçesme Belediye Hizmet Alanı

European Side

  • Bakırköy Ekolojik Pazarı. Open on every Friday at the car park of the Airport Shopping Center.
  • Kasımpaşa, Balat, İnebolulular Halk Pazarı. Open on Sundays. Local products from İnebolu such as diary food, vegetables, home made butter, jam, bread etc.
  • Şişli Ekolojik Halk Pazarı. Open on Saturdays, located in Ferikoy. Fresh and healthy products from İzmir, Bursa, Gökçeada and other localities.

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