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Self-study Turkish Course For Beginners

Turkish Courses - Self-study

Self-study Turkish course for beginners. Learn Turkish yourself with your Turkish language teacher.

We are offering a self-study Turkish course for beginner Turkish language learners. Our self-study Turkish course or in other other words, Turkish language coaching program, provides motivated Turkish learners with the knowledge, guidance and support to make learning Turkish a permanent part of their life.

Do you want to start learning Turkish yourself?

Although you can start learning Turkish yourself, even better, you can start learning Turkish with a Turkish language teacher, a Turkish language coach who designs your Turkish language program and provides Turkish language materials, lessons and available online 7/24!

Self-study Turkish Course is an intensive Turkish language learning program designed by your Turkish language teacher who assists you to study and learn Turkish language effectively.

What does your Turkish teacher do?

Unlike your Turkish language teacher or tutor teaching you scheduled classes, your Turkish language coach designs your language course and is available to help you online and offline, whenever you need him to help you with Turkish.

Your Turkish teacher is someone who;

  • Designs a Turkish learning program that meets your needs.
  • Gives you exercises and activities for self-study and monitor what you are learning.
  • Available online and offline to answer your questions, develop your skills.
  • Connects with you online (via Skype or Facebook) to revise and practice what you have learned.
  • Helps you stay encouraged, motivated and excited about learning the language.

Who needs self-study Turkish courses?

Anyone who wants to learn Turkish, improve his/her Turkish and become fluent in Turkish language. However, there are four groups of Turkish learners that we think they will find a Turkish language coaching program especially useful:

This program is ideal for;

  • Expats living in Turkey who can’t find time to study Turkish in their busy work schedule.
  • Business people and professionals who need a Turkish fluency for their work.
  • Spouses married to Turks who need to learn and improve their Turkish for their family and children.
  • Academicians who are learning Turkish for academic purposes.
  • Any motivated and dedicated learner who doesn’t just want to learn a few Turkish words and grammar points but want to learn and improve their Turkish effectively, slowly but surely!

Your Turkish language coach is just one click away!

How does it work?

When you take a self-study Turkish course, you get;

  1. Self-study materials & exercises provided by your Turkish language coach
  2. 7/24 online support via email or private Facebook group
  3. Online Turkish classes via Skype to revise & practice what the learner has learned

Visit Dem Turkish Center for details and contact us for a trial lesson

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