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Ramadan Ramazan Bayrami

What is Ramadan Bayram?
Ramadan, Ramazan in Turkish, (the month that Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed on the 27th of the Ramazan month) is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Ramazan is the month that Muslims fast which means they don’t drink or eat from dawn to sunset. Fasting mean to teach the person patience, sacrifice and humility. After Ramazan month finishes, Muslims celebrate Ramazan Bayramı or Şeker Bayramı (It is called şeker, because people offer candies and sweet to the guests).

Şeker / Ramazan Bayrami
Ramazan Bayramı, or Şeker (candy, sugar) Bayramı in other words, because people offer candies and sweets each other, is the feast celebrated after the Ramadan, fasting month. The aim of this feast is to get together after fasting the whole month, visit each other other and offer food, especially desserts and candies. This is why it is commonly called Şeker (candy, sugar) Bayramı. The most typical Bayram foods are of course baklava and akide şekeri. Baklava is still favourable but akide sekeri is replaced with candies and chocolate.

Ramadan Dictionary
Arife Gunu Eve’s Day, the day before Bayram. Güllaç is one of the most popular Turkish desserts that is usually consumed during the Ramadan. It is a very simple dessert made with a very thin sheet of dough (made with corn starch), milk, rose water and dried fruits dressed. It was called güllü as (food with rose) during the Ottoman period because the chefs used to add rose water to the dough just like today. The name was mutated as güllac in time. Hurma Date (fruit). Hurma is usually consumed at Ramazan because it is regarded as a holly fruit. Iftar Evening meal during Ramazan when the Muslims fast. You can join the other Istanbulians for an iftar meal in the iftar tent all over the city at Ramazan month. Kadir Gecesi Kadir Gecesi (gece=night) is the Night of Power, the twenty-seventh of Ramazan when the Koran was revealed. People get together in the mosques and pray. Mahya Message spelled out by lights strung between minarets during Ramadan month. Oruc Fasting, a religious exercise by not eating or drinking anything for worshipping. Oruc tutmak To fast. Oruc acmak To break one´s fast (at the proper time, e.g. sunset for Muslims observing the Ramazan fast). Oruc bozmak To break one´s fast (at an improper time, e.g. before sunset). Oruc yemek Not to fast. Ramazan davulu Drummers used to play the drum to wake people up for sahur, breakfast eaten before the dawn. It was a very good way before but today it could be annoying and even scary by waking people up in the middle of their sleeps. Ramazan pidesi A kind of pide usually eaten at Ramazan. Sahur Meal taken just before dawn during the Ramazan fast. Teravih (namazi) The supererogatory prayer performed in the month of Ramazan.

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