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Advertise and promote your business, products and services on Dem Turkish Center with FREE sponsored articles!

Dem Turkish Center, a Turkish language learning resource website offering Turkish language learning books and online Turkish language lessons, offers online advertising options for individuals, businesses or organizations to promote their businesses, services and products.

Submit FREE Sponsored Articles!

Publish FREE sponsored articles/posts and promote your business, products and services on DTC website and popular social networks. Advertise and promote if you are offering:

  • Language schools offering language courses
  • Language teachers offering language classes and courses
  • Language services including homestay, immersion & vacation
  • Language services including translation, interpretation, editing
  • Training services including workshops, classes, programs
  • Tourist guides offering tours and activities
  • Travel agencies who want to promote their business, tours and activities
  • Expatriate services

Anything to do with language learning, language services, training services, expatriate services, travel services – in Turkey & worldwide!

DTC is yours! Use the form on this page to send us your promotional articles or contact us by email at or

Submission Guidelines

  • Content & Relevance Send us posts that are relevant to the overall topic: Turkey & Turkish language services. We may decline to publish articles irrelevant to our website or covering a product information.
  • Number of Posts Publish as many free post as you want.
  • Exclusivity Submit posts that are written exclusively for DTC.COM Our hope is that the article published on DTC.COM doesn’t appear in the same form elsewhere.
  • Linking You can add links to your web site, services or products, contact info, social network links in the author info at the end of the article. If your article includes a lot of links or affiliate links, we may remove them or reject the post.
  • Copyright Make sure your post infringes no copyright laws.
  • Submission You can send your articles or posts using the form below or by email at or including the texts and the images.


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